Barcelona midfielder Rakitic

22. dubna 2017 v 4:15
Barcelona midfielder Rakitic in an official interview with La Liga to talk about this Sunday's national derby, he believes that the game will be a wonderful duel, he also believes that the team even without Nei Maer, also able to beat Real Madrid The

"We need this victory, we will start with great confidence in the last few years, we played against Real Madrid are good results, we want to do these things again. I respect Real Madrid, but the most important Not how they are, although their status is really good, but concerned about our own: if we are at their best level, then we will have a lot of opportunities to win three points. "Croatian said.

"With the desire and hope for victory, no one can beat us. Knowing the club and all its championships, you will know that we have a great chance to win the championship."

This Sunday will also be the sixth national derby of Rakitic, and what is the most impressive of him?

"I was impressed with the 4-0, not just because of the outcome of the game, and how we did it because we were doing better."

"In Sevilla, I've been on Real Madrid and I want to do the same thing in Barcelona, ​​even though I can win when I do not touch the ball."

"Stealing is a very important thing: Real Madrid has excellent players in this area, we have to use high intensity and focus and their contend."

Speaking of Nei Maer's suspension, Rakitic said: "He is one of the best three players in the world, he can play naturally is the best, but we proved that without his case can win. "

In the end, Raktich was also satisfied with the milestone of Barcelona's 150 field: "I am very happy and proud to be able to reach this figure, and I enjoy every day spent in the club, hoping to achieve more games."

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