PvE is an adventure of varying degrees

25. dubna 2017 v 3:26
Sandbox Interactive, the German development studio behind MMORPG Albion Online wants to play the big Gallahad update on Monday, March 13th.

With Gallahad many changes find their way into MMORPG, which should be in a state when coming close to the release. So the world Albion Online now gets its final form, which follows a logical structure.


You start in outer areas that are still relatively safe, and then work you into the middle of the continent to the hard-working capital. From there you can then go to Outlands. That anarchy.

New cities, expeditions and more

In addition, you will find a big city in every biome such as forest, swamp, desert, ice. This city is the hub of trade and here you meet NPC who hire you for expeditions.

In these expeditions, PvE Albion Online Gold is an adventure of varying degrees of difficulty, players can gain a foothold on the adventure. Made some of the expeditions that lead you to instances to earn your spurs. In this way you enter the gaming world on and on, until you are strong enough to try it out in Outlands, where open PvP prevails.

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