Real Madrid and Bayern's controversy

20. dubna 2017 v 3:28
At real Madrid and bayern Munich's champions league second leg match, the referee on salt has became the focus of people talk about. In the game, there is some controversy, involves the goal and key factors such as the red card.
Ronaldo was the second, ramos pass cristiano ronaldo second moment, ramos passing moments
Cristiano ronaldo third ball, marcelo passes in an instant, the Angle of the linesman poor ronaldo third goal, marcelo passing moments, poor linesman's point of view
Talked-about is cristiano ronaldo will pull the score to 2-2, when real Madrid 7 received a ball ramos, calm face neuer scoring. But at the moment of ramos pass, cristiano ronaldo is in the clear offside position, the ball shall be sentenced to the invalid. And after that cristiano ronaldo scored the third goal, in marcelo passing moments, cristiano ronaldo seems to be in the ball before, in an offside position. At the moment the ball, the linesman viewing Angle. Marca says, this is also an offside.
Vidal on Arsenal's theo tackle this vidal on Arsenal's theo tackle
But the foul, vidal should eat yellow card but the foul, than eat the yellow card
In addition, in the 84th minute, vidal tackle Arsenal theo, a second bookable offence was sent off. But slow motion show that vidal shovel into the first ball, this action should not make him to eat. "Marca" the referee, experts said AnDu Hal does salt, apparently made a mistake on the ball. Vidal in 48 minutes, however, when the card plug miro foul, at that time, he could not touch the ball, the ball was supposed to make him eat the yellow card, which was sent off, bild and "marca" after the game also expressed the same view.
Kick penalty no problem, and miro this no problem, and miro this ball does not constitute a yellow card

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