NBA history five top pick

20. května 2017 v 3:31
Recently, the US media undisputed selected NBA history five top pick, which Knight headed star LeBron James topped the list, the big shark O'Neal ranked fourth, the following is a specific list.

5 Duncan

Stone Buddha is the 1997 champion, Duncan rookie season NBA Live Coins will be able to output a strong 21.1 points 11.9 board 2.5 hat, the first season was selected for the best burst, the best defensive two. 19 years of career are offensive and defensive at both ends of the master, led the Spurs 5 won the championship.
4 O'Neill

Oliver is 92 years of the draft pick, rookie season averaging 23.4 points 13.9 board 3.5 hat, big sharks could have achieved higher success, but he chose his favorite way to play: happy and basketball coexist. Of course, the life of the big shark is also enough to have a legend, for the Lakers opened the dynasty, brought the first crown for the Heat.
3 Magic Johnson

The magician is 79 years champion, rookie season to win the championship and was elected to the finals FMVP, the starting point of the high. Similarly, if the magician career to stay healthy, his historical status can even be almost equal to the basketball god of Jordan, career five wins championship.
2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Day hook is 69 years champion, although he played a little older, but it can be seen that he was in the league's dominance: rookie season averaging 28.8 points 14.5 board, career total score history first, six wins championship six Winning MVP!
1 James

James's greatness is that he has played 14 seasons in the league, still in absolute dominance, is still the league's undisputed first person, he is still progressing looks tireless, 32-year-old James has Won numerous honors, he was outside that promising to challenge Jordan's historical status.

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