New England had received outstanding contributions

8. května 2017 v 4:19
New England had received outstanding contributions from Martellus Bennett who led into the Super Bowl, and he was solid once again on Sunday. Bennett jumped to 89 total ratings with 89 catches and 80 rides. His 6-foot-6-ram gives him the Gronk-like factor in the vertical game, making wonders for his 85 spectacular catch. He is not as fast as Gronk (Marty B. has 78 speeds), but Brady is lucky to have other weapons in the passing game to open up the field. Julian Edelman is New England's best wide recipient, but has features tailored more to being a slotthot.

86 speed is not alarming, but he is fast with 91 agility, 88 elusiveness and can capture many passes with the 90 capture rating. Then there is Chris Hogan, who is now 82 overall at 88 speeds. He also has the best hands on the team with 92 prisoners after his three-touchdown day at the AFC Championship. And buried at No. 5 on the depth chart is Michael Floyd - the highest recipient of the roster, who can make absurd catches in Madden Buy Madden 17 Coins. The names do not jump from the side, but Brady makes them better.

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