Now is a Buffalo Bill quarterback

9. května 2017 v 3:45
Earlier Ohio State QB Cardale Jones came to play school

Prior to being Cardale Jones, quarterback for The Ohio State University began, he was third-quarter quarterback and school-hatin 'Cardale Jones Buy NBA Live Coins.

Now is a Buffalo Bill quarterback and trained at Ohio State University, laughing Jones on his tweet from 2012 when he famously wrote: "We have not come to play SCHOOL."

Jones deleted it tweet and clearly learned a lesson from it but now he's cool doing a silly mistake with his custom-made mortar that he had on his exam on Sunday.

"Sum 1 once said" We have not come here to play school ", Jones wrote proudly of his graduation cap.

Yep that someone was actually Jones, who not only academic terms but in life experience conditions clearly learned a lesson. Do not tweet.

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