Pele was born in a poor family

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Pele was born on October 23, 1940, in a poor family in the town of Trescola Sonia, in Brazil. Pele started his football career at Sam. 15 years old to join the mountain country team, 16 years old he became the league's top scorer and is the Brazilian national team's starting players. When he was in Santos, with the help of Pepe and Coutinho, he won nine national interstate championships, six championships, two South American Libertadores' Cups South America Cup) champions and two intercontinental cups. In Santos, in order to celebrate Pele's first goal in Mara Jane Stadium, the year of November 19 as "Pele Day". In Pele's career, a total of 1363 games played, scored 1281 goals, which is the official record of the case of the highest record.

In 1958, he first participated in the FIFA World Cup. When the age just over 17 years old. He was amazing skills to gallop the game, so that football exclaimed ( offer you the lastest news about football): Brazil appeared a prodigy. At that time, Pele and Garrincha (Garrincha) and Huahua (Vava) formed a forward iron triangle. He was in the quarter-finals with a small victory over Wales, in the semi-final with the French hat-trick, answered his teammates support. He was glamorous, in the final against Sweden with two wonderful goals to take FIFA World Cup. The first goal, he boldly pick the ball the last defender, and then sweep the ball goal; the second goal is an exciting header, the Swedish goalkeeper no preparedness. Defender Sigge Parling said after the game: "After the fifth goal, I could not help but clap." The final Brazil in Stockholm and Sweden against the finals to 5 to 2 victory over Sweden. While Pele was 17 years old in the game into the two goals, as the youngest goal player.

In 1959 he scored 127 goals, 110 goals in 1961, twice held the South American Libertadores Cup (1961,1962), two world club champions (1962,1963) and nine Sao Paulo state champions.

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