Success has never changed the character of Gretzky

25. května 2017 v 4:48
Ice Hockey Star:

In the world of sports, to create record stars abound, but in sports, to create wealth, and even the code of conduct, King Jordan is also harder than Wayne Gretz the Canadian professional ice hockey star, people call him "great ice hockey Hand ", known as the ice hockey world only one" great ".

In terms of appearance or behavior, the resourceful center is not like a superstar. Gretzky is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 79.4 kilograms, but it looks like he is more than 44.5 kilograms of sick children, not ice hockey on the field. Seemingly malnourished Gretzky in strength or speed and no extraordinary talent, but he was able to year after year so that the Union of those ferocious big talk tiger. Gretzky can do this because he has extraordinary predictability, he can predict the situation on the field, and accurately determine the rest of the field 11 players in the next few seconds position.

"Sports reporter called this edge," Gretzky said in an interview with Playboy magazine. "I called it fear, and from small to large, I've been a small man." At the age of five, The kids are playing together, they are taller, stronger, faster, and I have to find a way to compete with them. At the age of 14, my opponent is a 20 year old; 17 years old, I have started I am not the fastest player in the league, and I have to do most of my work with my eyes and my mind. I have not been able to work with adults. "

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Has played for the Boston Brown Bear's Hall of Fame player Bobby Orr said Gretzky has a "far ahead of consciousness", Gretz himself also said he was more on the other players position by feeling rather than look, he said : "I know where his teammates will go, and many times I do not see and turn around."

Success has never changed the character of Gretzky, he is always a respectable person.

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