The Madden NFL 2016

23. května 2017 v 3:36
The trouble is that EA does not seem to care about these patterns because it can put resources into money makers like HUT. In 2015, EA received more than twice the price from DLC (such as HUT) to sell the full price game. The Madden NFL 2016, NBA 2K16 and FIFA 16 are one of the top eight sales games of 2015 - but it is also a reflection of the developers who are actively concerned about the online model, according to the NPD data. , Such as HUT and EASHL.

While I fully understand why EA from a business point of view, there are some HUT players who have spent hundreds of packs - I have to be disappointed as a long-term franchise player.NHL (To View More About NHL 17 Coins) is still my favorite sport game, and I'm still very fun to play most of the patterns, including EASHL. (I once again learned that in my opponents Tyler Seguin and Johnny Gaudreau came first in my first attempt, HUT was not mine, my first center was Andrew Desjardins, C'mon guys.)The reality is that compared to the basic game, HUT for EA is a very large amount, so in the development process, it has been the proportion of attention. Unfortunately, for teams with limited manpower and technical resources, this means placing less love on the rest of the game.

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