The star that Nike gave up

15. května 2017 v 4:04
Even if the golden state warriors have established curry's core status, the external contempt hasn't changed.

Endorsement of the 2013 annual leave season, Nike and pool after the expiration of the contract, the Treasury team proposed $4 million/year of new endorsement deal, but Nike rejected the proposal, they think the garage is not worth the price, only willing to offer price $2.5 million/year. In 2007, Nike gave the then-new star Kevin durant a seven-year $60 million endorsement deal. The contrast shows Nike's contempt for Stephen curry.

Opportunities arise, the sense of smell keen under armour company immediately found the garage, offered a $5.5 million/year endorsement deal, with full sincerity want to include in the Treasury, after all, for by production started with tights under armour, if you want to break into almost all NBA (NBA Live Coins help you to play basketball video game) players are Nike and adidas into its basketball market, find a good star endorsement, is a fable.

At this point, the Nike still has the Treasury's first signing power, this is the privilege of Nike as the initial holders, what's more, Nike has a vast resources behind it. "I've been working with them for years." Curry said. As long as Nike is willing to match the offer contract, curry will still be Nike.

Yet Nike's recruitment of curry appears to have been a rigged show.

The recruitment will be held in August in Auckland marriott hotel on the second floor of the famous Nike's agent and consultant Lynn Merritt of lebron James didn't attend the meeting, it seems you can see Nike about the importance of this meeting. In fact, what happened next was a sign that Nike didn't pay much attention to the meeting.

In recruiting conference, Nike's officials will be the name of the database "Stephen" read aloud "Steph - on", "I've heard someone mispronounce Stephen's name," the scene at the time of the dell curry said, "I'm not surprised. But to my surprise, he had never tried to correct it."

Then things started to get worse. Recruiting slides in the name of Kevin durant, probably was an accident, or perhaps these slides is from Kevin durant will recruit content change. "From that point on, I stopped listening to them," dale said.

"In their eyes, the athlete has a distinct level gap," dell said, "they have kobe Bryant, lebron James and Kevin durant as their three main players. If Stephen signing back to Nike, so we can only in the second tier." Nike never made it clear that curry could have his signature shoes in the recruitment drive. , even in the time of the need to really make a decision, Nike gave Mr Carey irving and Anthony Davis, each one a summer camp, but not to a reservoir.

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