Wenger no longer criticize the referee

3. května 2017 v 3:43

FIFA president Invino has confirmed that in the 2018 World Cup will use video referees to reduce the rate of misjudgment. Regardless of whether the player coach or the fans are supported, because the current level of the referee, fool them more and more easy, they are more and more easy pit.

One night three focus war, Rushford, Sane, Sturman three players with the acting for a penalty. Stroutman reaction mechanics 360 degree swivel air diving actually can successfully fool the referee, put away the fans of the game experience, such a miscarriage of justice on the outcome of the game how to make up?

If the club has any comments on the penalty for the player's red card, you can apply for a revocation by appeal, but the result of the match can not be changed NHL 17 Coins. 1 point can not become 3 points. Since it can not make up afterwards, then it can only try to avoid the wrong process in the course of the game. In fact, the referee's performance is disappointing, the level of the referee has been competitive level left behind.

Modern football has been in the process of continuous development, evolution is all-round. From the turf, football, shoes, jersey material and other hardware, to the overall tactics, personal technology and other software, in different historical stages there are changes and progress. Players physical quality, the type of player can not be the same language. Overall, the rhythm of the game faster, more and more intense confrontation, is the big trend of football. Plus the side of the small move is also more and more, the difficulty of the referee penalty a lot larger than before.

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