Červen 2017

The best goalkeeper of the season

30. června 2017 v 4:03
NHL regular season award now announced Maple Leaf was the best newcomer

Vincent Award (Best Goalkeeper), Sergei - Bobrovsky, Columbus Blue

28-year-old Bob Bowski was named the best goalkeeper of the season and also created history: he was the only Russian in the history of more than once won the award (who won in 2013) Buy NHL 17 Coins. In the selection he defeated the Monterey Canadians of Kerry - Price and last year's Vincent Award winner, the Washington capital goalkeeper Brandon - Holtby.

This season, Boblovsky played 63 games, averaging 2.06 goals, the rate of 93.2% hit the league, the record also to 41 wins in the league second, while a record team record. This season, Boblovsky has seven finished opponents of the performance, second only to Holtby (9) and brown bear goalkeeper Tuca - Lasco (8) ranks third in the league. In addition, Bobrovsky from the end of November last year to early January this year won a wave of 14 straight, tied the goalkeeper history of the second longest winning record (brown bear Gilles - Gilbert had in the 1975-16 season Scored 17 straight).

Since his career, Bobby Rovsky has played for Philadelphia and Columbus Blue for seven seasons, with 330 games starting at 2.3 games and losing 2.45 goals, with a 92% recovery and a record of 181 win. Career 18 playoffs Bobrovsky averaged 3.63 goals, the fight rate of 88.7%.

New Orleans Saints announced Monday

29. června 2017 v 3:46
Nick Fairley's 2017 season ended before the official start, and his career could be in danger.

New Orleans Saints announced Monday that they placed the defensive head in the non-rugby injury reserve list.

Felley had consulted a number of doctors to diagnose their own heart condition. He has been playing in the heart since he entered the league in 2011.

Earlier this month, saint coach Sean Payton announced that Fairley sought the advice of a third doctor to determine whether he should continue his career. Buy Madden 17 Coins The first doctor thought he should not continue to play, and the second doctor's opinion is slightly different.

The short-term impact of this decision was that the Saints Defense Group suffered a major blow. In this year's offseason they signed a four-year $ 28 million contract with Felley, who wanted Felley to take the town's defense center. The loss of Felley has weakened the saint's already weak defensive group.

In the long run, heart problems may endanger Felley's career. He was checked for heart problems when he was involved in draft picks in 2011. But he was still selected by Detroit Lions in the first round of the first round of the draft. In six seasons, he made a total of 170 times grappling 20.5 times grappling. Last season, Felice starred in all 16 games and made the best career season, made 43 times grappling 6.5 sack.
Felley will miss the entire 2017 season. Whether he will continue to play is still unknown.

The engine bug of FIFA GAME

28. června 2017 v 3:43
"FIFA 17" is a miracle game. Perhaps you have seen the football game because of the engine bug and the emergence of a variety of "strange line" players, but the following mentioned the game moment will definitely make you tangled.

Twitter member Mr MaskTV released this magical "FIFA 17" clip earlier today, www.lolga.com and soon the amount of Twitter and the number of praise has been thousands, the reason is because this fragment is too "angry" The

In a strong volley, the football straight toward the door frame flew in the past, perhaps in reality it will play into the door or outside, but this time a miracle occurred, the football played in front of the white line (but not into the line Ball), and then along the white line has been rolling for ten seconds, the defender on a few waves of people are almost sent it into the line, but this "miracle of the ball" was eventually shot by the goalkeeper ... ...

After watching it is really distressed attack side, but to blame the game can only blame the physics of the fans.

The hometown heroes

27. června 2017 v 4:14
It's hard to find any unhappy man who signed the hometown heroes of the Auckland attackers Marshawn Lynch. Maybe Seahawks fans are upset, but others seem to have been drawn out for Marshawn and Team. Including in this group of people is the former Raiders coach Madden Mobile Coins and professional football hall celebrity John Madden. Madden talks with the attacker's social media team this week to let them know why he likes black and black beast patterns.

"One of the worst things about professional football is short code and goal line," Madden said. "The team can not get the first drop by running, they go down to the target line where they are placed in a row of shots, what is this? I think if Marshawn Lynch can take [Raiders] if he can be in the third The first place, and if he can get a touchdown on the line - that 's going to be a big thing for the Raiders.

Madden is right, even though the team's conversion rate is often higher, but the team than ever before will be shorter code number. (Although this may be related to the smaller chance size). And before that, Lynch may be the most famous because his former team did not give him a ball line on the Super Bowl 1 yards line, back over the day of his classic beast mode. So when discussing Raiders new round, this is a very interesting thing.

For Raiders, they finished third or fourth place in the third season, both in the third and fourth place, two or fewer of them, according to "football reference", so they could definitely be in the field Use some help.

The Chilean team lost the ball

26. června 2017 v 3:41
June 26 morning, the Confederations Cup Group B game came to an end, the final team in Germany and Chile won the group first and second, in the semi-finals will be against Mexico and Portugal.

In the final round of the group stage, the German team 3-1 victory over Cameroon LOLGA, and Cameroon's Marco was still in the game was sent off. At the same time another group stage, the Chilean team lost the ball in the case of 1-1 draw with the Australian team.

With the end of the group stage, the Confederations Cup semi-final match is also released: Group A group of first Portuguese in the semi-finals will face the second group of Chile Chile, Group B group second German team Will face the Mexican team.

The semi-finals will be officially kicked off at 2:00 AM GMT on June 29th. The first match will be played against Portugal by Portugal and the match will be held in Kazan. While the other semi-final will be held in Beijing on June 30 at 2:00 am, the venue is located in Sochi.

And in Beijing on July 2 at 20:00, two semi-finalists will be in Moscow for three or four finals, competing for the tournament Cup third runner-up. And the final of the Confederations Cup will be in Beijing on July 3 at 2:00 start, the two semi-final winner will be the final championship trophy to attack.

The new season's NBA regular season

24. června 2017 v 3:35
The new season's NBA regular season was held at the end of October, and the heat of basketball was gradually rising. The basketball game in the game circle has now been launched. For example, 2K is on the mobile platform and the host platform "NBA 2K17". And EA's basketball tour "NBA LIVE Mobile" also ushered in the version update. Enjoy the wonderful experience of NBA LIVE Mobile,You can get safety NBA Live Mobile Coins from lolga site

From the name of the game, EA seems to have abandoned the tradition of introducing new works every year, and in the new season, EA company did not introduce new work, but the use of new ways to improve and update the game. The annual transfer period will have a lot of players trading information, especially those star players to replace the club is a lot of media and fans are the focus of attention, so the new version of the game player list, rookie list and the team's shirt Have been updated, in addition to the operation of the game has also been a certain adjustment and optimization.

In recent years, in the field of basketball game competition, EA company has come to the bottom, watching the 2K company's game so hot, do not know whether EA can stand up. The new season's update has been pushed, interested players can download experience.

When you are playing Madden 17

23. června 2017 v 3:52
The Madden 17 franchise model allows users to experience the game from three angles: as a player, as an owner or coach. Depending on the options selected, the game will have a chance. The person who chooses to choose the first choice will have the opportunity to become a football player and become part of the team and make a great success on the grid. The Madden 17 franchise model starts as a player from the character creation. Give the user two options: Choose an active NFL player or design your own role. The customization options that you choose to create a new role can be unlocked: location type and background.

Location refers to the type of player and determines his role in the field. These two options are offensive and defensive. Each option also has a sub-option. Types of crime include tight, wide receiver, centerback and quarterback. Defensive Position The player can choose center-back, defensive, defensive, outside, safe and cornerback. Each of these offensive and defensive styles has a variety of options. Madden 17 has an in-depth role creation system that continues to choose a backstage. There are three options: early draft, late draft and not drafted. This choice will change the game experience, let the players make a wise decision. The start rating will vary depending on the selected background. Another different factor is the difficulty of seasonal goals. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18/madden-nfl-18-coins

When playing Madden 17 as a player, there are three goals available: Season, Weekly and Milestone. Completing these goals will help the player get more XP. It's getting XP very important because it allows the player to enhance his or her own attributes. According to the player's performance in the game and get XP. The package used to upgrade the rating uses XP to unlock. Just as in real football, retirement is also the choice of Madden 17. The player who decides to retire can resume progress with another player, coach, or boss's new role. Finally, if you are a Madden 17 player, welcome to u7buy to buy Madden 17 coin cheap, or buy Madden 17 Points Account Xbox One / PS4, where you will get the best online service. Retirement is the choice of Madden 17. The player who decides to retire can resume progress with another player, coach, or owner's new role. Finally, if you are a Madden 17 player, welcome to u7buy to buy Madden 17 coin cheap, or buy Madden 17 Points Account Xbox One / PS4, where you will get the best online service. Retirement is also the choice of Madden 17. The player who decides to retire can resume progress with another player, coach, or owner's new role. Finally, if you are a Madden 17 player, welcome to u7buy to buy Madden 17 coin cheap, or buy Madden 17 Points Account Xbox One / PS4, where you will get the best online service.

The Celtics are like Kansas striker Josh Jackson

22. června 2017 v 3:26
This week, the Celtics and the Sixers have just completed a deal, the Celtics with this year's champion to sign to pick up the sign However, according to "Boston Sentinel" reported that the Celtics are considering continuing to trade down draft pick.

In the delivery of the signature at the same time, the Celtics get this year's pick up sign and a future election draft pick. Over the years, Danny - Anji has been accumulating future chips, the next three years, the Celtics have been holding nine first-round draft pick.

But in the next 24 hours, the Celtics are considering to trade down the draft again.

One of the factors that prompted the Celtics to continue trading down the pick NBA Live Mobile Coins was probably that Anji was not attracted to any player on the draft. Before they traded the champion sign, because they were not surprised by the performance of Mark - Fulz, Anji even said they are in the first round of the third overall pick of the players, but also they will choose in the first overall Player.

There are news that the Celtics are like Kansas striker Josh Jackson, but Jackson has so far not accepted the Celtics training.

At the same time, a competitor team executives to the "Boston Sentinel" revealed that Danny - Anji like guarding Dennis - Smith. If the Celtics trade in the hands of the probe, they are likely to choose Smith.

Another report said that Anji did not intend to use this draft pick the players, but want to use it as a bargain to catch big fish. In the recent rumors of trade, the Celtics showed interest in Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Paul George, and even Boer Jengis.

The great Mohammad Ali's upset beat

21. června 2017 v 3:46
LeBron James led the Cavaliers franchise of the Golden State Warriors' first championship, I believe we had just witnessed the rumble in 1974 in the jungle of the great Mohammad Ali's upset beat heavyweight Boxer George Foreman closest to the fax machine possible. This will be blasphemous in some circles, but please bear me. To View More About NBA 2K18 MT at the reliable site https://www.lolga.com/nba-2k-18/nba-2k-18-mt

Like the 25-year-old George Foreman, Golden State is considered young, fashionable and unparalleled. In the season 73-9 season, they are present and future sports. Like 32-year-old Muhammad Ali, now 31-year-old LeBron James is talking, as if the game has passed. In the mind of the conversation, his best days have been fulfilled. Some people even asked if he would be behind his team after the inevitable loss - just clean up and leave Cleveland, despite his 2014 back to the northeastern part of Ohio made all the promises for their own rare community to win One did not see the title of any team since 1964.

Then the Cavaliers played three games, a game was over. No player in the final history has climbed a similar hole. Knight and LeBron James endured a lot of punishment, just like Ali's early in Zaire. One of the rainbow's every third from Jinzhou feels like a blower on a head tube, a heavy bag. Then, the explosion: LeBron James pops up the rope, revenge fight back. This is not to say that he is practicing ropes like Ali, but as a strategic point, but he will certainly wake up. Perhaps this is his fan of the defender demon de Greene with the fighters. Perhaps another Golden State player laughed at James's Twitter and violin, as if the series was over. But ignite the fire, James completed the fight against the rope, and the NBA Finals history of the best three games together, two 41 games in five and six games, and then became the seventh game One-third of the game, 26 points and 11 rebounds and 11 assists. Along the way he became the first player in any series to have led both sides in the point of the team, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and. Then, like Ali's successful foreman, "Big George" finally fell on the mat, he gave us a period of time, a chase down the shot, tied with the 89 game, and now always be known - if Twitter Is considered to be LeBlock. It's not just a basketball game. This is high art This is LeBron, as is said to be the same on the mountain,

Another reason that this victory recalls the rumble in the jungle is an undeniable social environment that revolves around this series, that is, all of these knights' titles mean Cleveland, beyond the bragging rights and processions. There is no city without a city that has gone through more seasons, and for this city, the broader symbolic significance of sport droughts is cruel. The last title of 1964 took place before decades of industrialization, population flight and pain. As Cleveland-born journalist Steve Raab, a man who still got the bill from his 1964 NFL championship in his wallet said to me, "This is a championship. This is a very powerful steel town. Heavy industry will have the family and the "uterus to the grave" work. End in the 1960s.

A championship and an epic show by a long history of great players have not magically eliminated the damage of a mind that was swallowed by neo-liberal pirates, as Muhammad Ali's on George Fowler Man (George Foreman) a victory did not bring some shock to social change. But these moments of movement can change the way we see ourselves. The rumble in the jungle tells everyone that Muhammad Ali was not destroyed when he left the ring, his confrontation with the US government, or his loss to Joe Frazier. LeBron James has just reminded Cleveland that the city is not just a clash; it's important that this may sound small, but it's a terrible hell for politicians and business leaders in northeastern Russia.

Before the rumble in the jungle, Ali said: "If Nixon resigns, if you are surprised, just look at what happens behind the foreman!" LeBron is not so lengthy, but simple is their own poetry. When he was crying, he was completely at a loss, and LeBron was questioned by Doris Burke of ABC, which was different from his two victories in Miami. James James simply said: "I went home.

It’s easy for basketball players

20. června 2017 v 4:14
NFL teams and owners haven't been investing in esports at anywhere near the same clip as their NBAcounterparts (see Exhibits A, B,Cand D) or other leagues overseas. One NFL free agent Ricky Lumpkin, who is also a co-owner of esports organization FlipSid3 Tactics, offered his own explanation.When asked by host Manny Anekal onThe Next Level eSports Guest Podcastwhy is the NFL sitting on the sidelines from investing in esports compared to other leagues like the NBA, Lumpkin said that the NFL"operates differently.""You gotta look, the NBA embraced social media really early, and you gotta look at Turner's involvement with ELEAGUE there," Lumpkin said to Anekal. To View More About Madden 18 Coins at the reliable site www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18/madden-nfl-18-coins

It's easy for basketball players and orgs. to see this. They can have that trust factor already. The NFL isn't sitting on the sidelines but they do things a little differently. Like recently, we're speaking at Epsilon a few weeks ago, and it's public knowledge they're working with NFL teams already to try and bridge the gap. With football being the biggest sport in America, it's just a luxury of their time. It's hard. It's harder for them to get in. They're a little more wary about how can I make this work"Get The Latest Esports Tech News In Your Inbox!Last month, Green Bay Packers linebacker Blake Martinez, who is a huge fan of Dota 2 and has been live streaming for charity lately, also recently weighed in on the NFL getting more involved in esports. He even took it upon himself to say, "I think soon the NFL will get involved, and it is my mission to be the one that gets that to happen as soon as possible!""I think it is awesome how much sports and esports are meshing together!" he toldtheScore esports.

The Martial Spirit

19. června 2017 v 3:31
In the 1980s, the United States Electronic Arts almost all the attention on the release of personal computer games. At this point, rival Nintendo but through their own efforts to gradually pull the video game back on the market track. In 1989, Nintendo's sales reached $ 2 billion. In other companies also eyeing the video game in the case, the United States Electronic Arts had to proceed to the video game market to prepare.

At the end of 1989, Sega came to the United States with 16-bit Mega Drive. www.lolga.com/rocket-league/rocket-league-items

The autumn of 1989, the United States Electronic Arts with the initial release of the stock to get the capital, entered the video game industry.

In 1990, a large number of games such as the emergence of the tide, including from the Amiga transplant "Populous", "Budokan: The Martial Spirit", "John Madden Football". In the Mega Drive six years of life, the United States Electronic Arts to establish a "Strike", "NHL Hockey", "NBA Live", "FIFA Soccer", "Road Rash" and so a lot of brand series.

1999 Sega brought DC, began the sixth generation game machine transformation process.

Real Madrid again reached the semi finals

16. června 2017 v 3:54
Relying on excellent play extra-time, 4-2 defeat bayern Munich, real Madrid home qualification to the champions league semi-final, total score 6-3 galacticos set a new record: qualification to the champions league semi-final, seven years in a row broke the previous record of Barcelona Cheap FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade. Barcelona were in the 2007-08 to 2012-13 season, for six consecutive years in the champions league semi-finals, 2013-14 season in the last eight of the competition are eliminated by the atletico Madrid.
Qualification to the champions league semi-final real Madrid 7 years in a row the qualification to the champions league semi-finals for seven years
Starting from the 2010-11 season, led by jose mourinho's real Madrid, to remove the "champions league 16 lang" hat, but the semi-final defeat to Barcelona, the semi-final. The next two seasons, jose mourinho has reached the semi-final led real Madrid, but lost to bayern with Dortmund respectively, failed to go further.
2013-14 season, real Madrid under carlo ancelotti, scored in the champions league semi-final, the final two rounds a 5-0 defeat bayern, they also won the champions league in the season. 2014-15, real Madrid again reached the semi-finals, but eliminated by Juventus. Once again reached the semi-finals last season, real Madrid, two leg 1-0 win over Manchester city, final, also won the champions league last season.
First from the group to break this season, real Madrid, then 16 face napoli in the champions league, two round double rival, advanced to eight. Faced with the bundesliga giants bayern Munich, real Madrid in the first leg 2-1 away win, the second leg two team total score to within 3-3, finally real Madrid in overtime outbursts, three goals, the total score of 6-3 promotion champions league semi-final.
In addition, real Madrid have 55 consecutive games scoring, offensive firepower was terrible.

Today there are two Parma Chupan

15. června 2017 v 3:47
Yesterday, the Chinese team away 2-2 draw with Syria, cut only the theoretical possibility, before the game optimistic about the Chinese team overheating, Handicap promoted to the customer to the hemisphere, but the water level on the plate high. The game process twists and turns, the stoppage of the stage so that the Chinese team to take all three points hope to become a bubble. In the 14 games have been kicked off, played a total of six draws, including four 1-1 and two 2-2; 14 games only 5 games on the plate, the other nine are under the board, including Japan away Was drawn up by Iraq, the United Arab Emirates away 1-1 Thailand and so on. (To View More About FIFA 18 Coins at the reliable site www.lolga.com/fifa-18 ) Britain and France war, the French home 3-2 victory over England, played the ball, on the plate, Kane scored twice, but the overall strength of France stronger.

Baja has finished six rounds, the current top of the list is Corinthian, the record is 5 wins and 1 level, followed by 5 wins and 1 loss of Gremio and 4 wins and 1 level 1 negative Coriteba. Defending champion Palmeiras 2 wins and 1 draw 3 negative 7 points, only ranked No. 13; last season ranked second and third Santos, flamenco, the first six rounds of the season record of 3 wins 3 negative and 1 wins and 4 draws and 1 losses, the latter draws more side.

The season has finished 60 games, the home team record is 38 wins, 11 draws and 11 losses, winning percentage is 63.3%, higher than last season's 53.3% and 52.6% of the previous season. The number of goals 3 goals and above the game is 21 games, 2 goals and the following games are 39 games, the majority of small ball.

Today there are two Parma Chupan is the hemisphere, respectively, Goyni VS Owa, Shapeco VS Gama. The last three encounters, Goiani home victory over the opponent, the psychological advantage is obvious. Although many companies this time down to half, but I think Goyni win hope is still not small. Shapeco VS Dagama a, the water level on the plate down, the two-game losing streak of the Gamma home against the insects Gama, it seems that there is no suspense of the outcome.

The other two US Open, to consider the home advantage. In the two US Openings this morning, Seattle's 2-1 win over Portland, where Williams scored a goal to help the visiting team tie the game; Colorado home 3-2 Lectra Oklahoma, The visiting team once the two goals lead, but in the end it is Fedora into the two goals.

Players can more easily enhance the player's ability

14. června 2017 v 3:42
Once the football player feast "FIFA17" will be officially launched at the end of September, the EA used the frost engine, so that the game screen has a qualitative leap. But if you want to experience the charm of FIFA mobile platform, this year will not launch "FIFA17" mobile version, and will bring "FIFA Mobile".

The main socialist FIFA17 mobile version will be named "FIFA Mobile"

If you play last year's "FIFA16: the ultimate team", you will find this team through the card to play with the year has long been no relationship, ( Enjoy the wonderful experience of FIFA Mobile,You can get safety FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade from lolga site ) so this change is likely to become FIFA in the mobile side of the last renamed, and then Launched mobile version, will use the "FIFA Mobile" named, or changed to long-term update.

The main socialist FIFA17 mobile version will be named "FIFA Mobile"

Obviously the past FIFA mobile version only a "ultimate team" mode, which will only play the game version of the player that FIFA series, but so. And this new version will no doubt once again strengthen this model, but in addition, "FIFA Mobile" also need more real new content.

The main socialist FIFA17 mobile version will be named "FIFA Mobile"

At the same time, social games will be played as the core of the play, after all, the phone is always a subsidiary of people between the exchange of tools. In "FIFA Mobile", players will be able to work with partners to complete the achievements, or to fight against the game, compete for a list of places.

FIFA17 main social soccer FIFA17 mobile version will be named "FIFA Mobile"

In response to the previous "ultimate team" model, EA did not take place, and will make some improvements. In the new "FIFA Mobile", players can more easily enhance the player's ability and more easily manage them.
FIFA Mobile will be on September 28 landing iOS and Andrews, like football players do not miss.

The first draft of the salary cap era

13. června 2017 v 3:37
The first draft of the salary cap era, even the most experienced NHL general manager, is not sure what will happen in the next few weeks.

"You look unexpectedly," said Lou Lamoriello, general manager of Toronto Maple Leaf.

The most unpredictable and fascinating offseason for more than a decade has come. The expansion of the Las Vegas Golden Knight's draft next week by the decision of the New Jersey devil, the first choice in the admission decision to the free agent market, which is significantly dependent on the increase in salary cap - if any.

Penguin played back all the right notes with back-to-back Stanley Cup
The senator asked Phaneuf to give up the prohibition clause
Trade may be fast and intense, as George GM's George McPhee stores assets in exchange for consent to choose or not to select participants in the June 21 expansion. (Cheap NHL 17 Coins is provided for you at the reliable site www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-17/ut-nhl-17-coins ) The team must decide who wants to protect - seven forwards, three defender, a goalkeeper, eight skaters in any position and a goalkeeper - there should be some roster to play juggling before the union, the protection list must be submitted on Saturday afternoons.

Lamoriello said: "I expect some things to happen, and the expansion I've experienced." When there is a decision to do, you'd rather let them take the initiative instead of being passive, people will try to do things, no matter how much they have Defense, or there are too many strikers, there is a need, they can correct the surplus from other people.

Back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins have to make a quick decision before expanding the draft because they can not lose the 23-year-old Matt Murray, his 22-9 year-old title with 1.95 goals - an average and .928 percentage savings Signed a contract for more than three years. Fleury has no moving clause in his contract, so he must agree to give up the transaction or exposure in the draft.

The Cavaliers Big Three Owen James T Thompson

12. června 2017 v 3:59
In the finals G3, the final stage of the Cavaliers have overtake opportunity, this time James ball break after passing to Korver, it is a pity that the final Corvor failed to hit the ball. After this scene ah, a lot of fans in the discussion, on the one hand is to blame James, when James can be like Kobe Bryant as critical moment to come forward, take responsibility, rather than blindly passing? I feel that there is no reason for this accusation. James team consciousness, see the vacant teammates after the break, these things achievements of James, these things have been written into the James basketball gene www.lolga.com, and this play itself is true.

In addition, this ball is not into the country, but also normal, no one can hit the second time, even for Kewoer such a shooter is also true

Of course, then come back, this scene is also people can not help thinking, this year the introduction of the Cavaliers Corvor is right or wrong? In fact, this thing I have just came to the Cavaliers when the Corps said, I do not think this is an effective signings, because the Cavaliers imaginary enemy who? Is the Warriors. So signings must be carried out against the Warriors.

We know the Cavaliers Big Three, Owen, Carrefour itself is a defensive loophole, James because of age, the defensive end is also very difficult to make a great contribution, T Thompson lack of ability to protect the basket, Deron young when the speed Full, old no more. Jefferson is good when the defense is good, but after all now 37 years old, can do too limited. Only two can get the shot, I am afraid that is JR and Shampoo, but the objective that they have never been a defensive gate, pull a large child, relying on a slight middle of the defensive level just in the knight The team acts as a defender.

We know that the Cavaliers attack, relying on the Big Three support will not be bad where to go, the key issue is to enhance the defense, in the face of the Warriors, because the single defense capacity of the serious enough to prevent the warrior fire full. Cavaliers should do is like the original Lakers introduced Artest as to the introduction of 3D players is the right way of thinking.

Of course, you may say how the top 3D will be replaced? Indeed it is expectation. But in the league which defensive ability, three-point shooting rate of about 35% of the players, but a lot of grasping, this quasi-3D effect is better than Korver. We know that when a player in the other team can cast 35 or so three-point shot, then came to James side, it is entirely possible to reach about 38%, which is outside the fort is enough.

And Korver it, is currently the Cavaliers line defensive efficiency of the worst players, had to play the Celtics G3, Celtics in the head of the car to get 20 + singles score, and this face On the warrior? Four giant fire full, the Cavaliers defensive end as the air in general.

The team left the port city of San Francisco

9. června 2017 v 4:02
1971-72 season, the Warriors team into trouble, its occupancy rate and the team income is very low, so the team left the port city of San Francisco came to Auckland. In order to attract more fans, the team changed its name to the Golden State Warriors, and even played a few games in San Diego. 1971-72 season, Russell and Mullins (21.5 points) and Thurmond (21.4 points) tied for the Warriors three scorers. Scoring trio with enough points to the Warriors to 51 wins and 31 losses, but this result is still lagging behind the Lakers as much as 18 games. In the playoffs, the Warriors lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Western Conference semifinals.

1972-73 season, Rick Barry according to the court ruling back to the Warriors. After the return to the warriors to bring a strong starting lineup: Barry, Mullins, Thurmond, Russell and averaged 11.8 points per game, from Oregon's Jim Barnett www.lolga.com. In this season, the Warriors made 47 wins and 35 losses record, ranked second in the Pacific region. In the playoffs, the Warriors beat the Bucks for the third consecutive year, but the Western Conference finals lost to the Los Angeles Lakers.

1973-74 season, the team made 44-38 record missed the playoffs, but the team's Barry was selected for the NBA first team, he scored on the score (25.1 points) ranked fifth, free throw percentage (89.9%) Ranked second, steals (2.11) ranked fifth, assists (6.1) row 8.

1974-75 season, the Warriors broke up the reorganization, the introduction of a new style of competition. The results of the shock shocked the league, the Warriors to 48-34 results to become the Pacific region champion, in the finals of the season swept the Washington Bullets won the championship [8]. The team averaged 30.6 points (20th in the league) and led the league (90.4%) in free throws, and 6.2 assists in the league's sixth place. Wilkes also averaged 14.2 points and 8.2 rebounds contributed to the season's NBA rookie.

The Oilers will reach the Stanley Cup

8. června 2017 v 5:12
Why the Oilers will reach the Stanley Cup Final Center Evgeni Malkin got in on the act with two assists to Bryan Rust in the second period. One of those goals came when a puck bloodied Werenski's face but play wasn't stopped. It was a break the Blue Jackets needed, because the Penguins again responded at the right time.They also settled into the game. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury who limited the Blue Jackets to two goals in the first two games settled down, too. Guentzel scored the go-ahead goal at 11:48 in the third period." www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-17/ut-nhl-17-coins When you're playing a goalie like (Sergei) Bobrovsky you have to get your shots off quick," Guentzel said. It proved to be prophetic later.Columbus blew a 3-1 lead the popular phrase these days but they tied the game on Brandon Dubinsky's goal at 15:11 to set up overtime.MORE: Columbus newspaper scrapped plan to pass out crying Sidney masks This game, and the momentum of the series, hinged on who had the last response in overtime. Dubinsky hit the cross-bar. Pittsburgh's Justin Schultz hit the post. Then Crosby swiped the puck and passed to Guentzel, who made the most of his chance with the overtime game-winner."

Jake is mature beyond his years," Sullivan said. "He's a real good player. I don't think the stage is too big. I think he's got a quiet confidence about him that's he's displayed from Day 1 since he's been part of the Penguins."Now those Penguins appear to have a stranglehold on the series, and could close out the Blue Jackets on Tuesday night.Once again, Sullivan doesn't quite see it that way."Game 4 is always the most difficult," he said. "They're a good team and they're a proud team and they're well-coached and we know that we are probably going to see their best game and that next game is going to be that much more important to play the game and do our best to get to our game as early and often as we can."

General manager of the Cavaliers David

7. června 2017 v 3:58
General manager of the Cavaliers David - Griffin's contract will expire at the end of this month, and he is seeking "substantial salary increase".

According to informed sources, David - Griffin's current annual salary of less than 2 million US dollars, which for a Cavaliers general manager, is clearly very low. After all, David Griffin was the founder of the Cavaliers championship lineup, who won the finals for three consecutive years and won the championship last year.

In contrast, Phil - Jackson LOLGA had signed a five-year $ 60 million contract with the Knicks, the annual salary of up to 12 million US dollars.

David Griffin's ability has been endorsed by the league. In April this year, the Cavaliers headed star LeBron - James had an interview with Griffin behind.

Earlier, the team was vacant in the management of the team are interested in Griffin, but because the Cavaliers season task is not over, so the Cavaliers have never let Griffin contact with other teams.

Griffin and the Cavaliers contract will expire on July 1. Cavaliers boss Dan - Gilbert has not publicly talked about leaving Griffin.

This season, the Cavaliers total wages reached 128 million US dollars, the highest league. There is also a very high luxury tax to pay.

This year's finals, the knights are currently 0-2 behind the warriors. It is not clear whether the knight in the finals of the prospects will affect David - Griffin and Knight of the renewal.

Psyonix announced the release of Rocket League

6. června 2017 v 3:51

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Today, Psyonix announced the release of the 1.34 version of the "Rocket League", a competitive game for the unpc, PS4 and XboxOne platforms.

It is reported that the 1.34 version of the rocket league, Neo Tokyo, will return, although some changes, such as a slope near the goal, have been removed. The Neo Tokyo map will be available in all modes, including competitive models. The unmodified Neo Tokyo map was renamed Tokyo Underpass this time, only for private and offline mode.

In addition to the new image, the update also brought new racing Mantis. The user will get the car through the open box.