Brown's career this year

2. června 2017 v 3:30
Kevin Durant

When Durant made a decision last summer, she had bet on everything, and if he could not win this year, it would lose everything. If Durant won, and played a ruling level of performance, then we can only shut up. Hold the thigh or become thighs, to see Durant played ( More news from ).

Mike Brown

This year's final is a good opportunity to save Brown's career, if Steve - Cole's health did not improve, that Brown will coach the finals. So that the NBA will be in 1975 after another two black coach title. It seems that Brown's coaching career in 2014 was knight dismissed on the end, but if this year's performance is good, led the team to win, then find a coach work is too simple.

Delong - Williams

The injury made De Long seem to have entered the end of his career. But in fact, Deron and James, are born in 1984, Deron into the league is also late than James. Deron's situation and West almost, he finally had the opportunity to win - the dramatic is that in 2012, Deron is the league's top point guard, and Chris Paul, Derek - Ross, Russell - Weiss Brook is almost, but now he is the most likely to get the championship ring first person.

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