General manager of the Cavaliers David

7. června 2017 v 3:58
General manager of the Cavaliers David - Griffin's contract will expire at the end of this month, and he is seeking "substantial salary increase".

According to informed sources, David - Griffin's current annual salary of less than 2 million US dollars, which for a Cavaliers general manager, is clearly very low. After all, David Griffin was the founder of the Cavaliers championship lineup, who won the finals for three consecutive years and won the championship last year.

In contrast, Phil - Jackson LOLGA had signed a five-year $ 60 million contract with the Knicks, the annual salary of up to 12 million US dollars.

David Griffin's ability has been endorsed by the league. In April this year, the Cavaliers headed star LeBron - James had an interview with Griffin behind.

Earlier, the team was vacant in the management of the team are interested in Griffin, but because the Cavaliers season task is not over, so the Cavaliers have never let Griffin contact with other teams.

Griffin and the Cavaliers contract will expire on July 1. Cavaliers boss Dan - Gilbert has not publicly talked about leaving Griffin.

This season, the Cavaliers total wages reached 128 million US dollars, the highest league. There is also a very high luxury tax to pay.

This year's finals, the knights are currently 0-2 behind the warriors. It is not clear whether the knight in the finals of the prospects will affect David - Griffin and Knight of the renewal.

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