It’s easy for basketball players

20. června 2017 v 4:14
NFL teams and owners haven't been investing in esports at anywhere near the same clip as their NBAcounterparts (see Exhibits A, B,Cand D) or other leagues overseas. One NFL free agent Ricky Lumpkin, who is also a co-owner of esports organization FlipSid3 Tactics, offered his own explanation.When asked by host Manny Anekal onThe Next Level eSports Guest Podcastwhy is the NFL sitting on the sidelines from investing in esports compared to other leagues like the NBA, Lumpkin said that the NFL"operates differently.""You gotta look, the NBA embraced social media really early, and you gotta look at Turner's involvement with ELEAGUE there," Lumpkin said to Anekal. To View More About Madden 18 Coins at the reliable site

It's easy for basketball players and orgs. to see this. They can have that trust factor already. The NFL isn't sitting on the sidelines but they do things a little differently. Like recently, we're speaking at Epsilon a few weeks ago, and it's public knowledge they're working with NFL teams already to try and bridge the gap. With football being the biggest sport in America, it's just a luxury of their time. It's hard. It's harder for them to get in. They're a little more wary about how can I make this work"Get The Latest Esports Tech News In Your Inbox!Last month, Green Bay Packers linebacker Blake Martinez, who is a huge fan of Dota 2 and has been live streaming for charity lately, also recently weighed in on the NFL getting more involved in esports. He even took it upon himself to say, "I think soon the NFL will get involved, and it is my mission to be the one that gets that to happen as soon as possible!""I think it is awesome how much sports and esports are meshing together!" he toldtheScore esports.

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