Miroslav Klose is the first player to have five goals

3. června 2017 v 3:40
Miroslav Klose is the first player to have five goals in the two consecutive World Cup, but also in the last century 70's Peruvian "Angel feet" Kubilas after the first two in the two World Cup On the scored 5 goals feat players.

Klose was named by the FIFA Technical Committee as the great striker of the Episode of God, the head of God and the foot of the angels.

2010 South Africa World Cup LOLGA.INC, Klose in the opener scored a small test chopper and then in the face of England and Argentina knockout on the continuous big divinity, two games scored three goals! In the World Cup scored a total of 14 goals, only behind the "alien" Ronaldo ball, and the German national team predecessors "bomber" Gade Muller together with the World Cup history total shooter second (temporary) Soccer History.

Klose again created a great record in the history of the World Cup: he is the World Cup goals the best players, the history of the only one to participate in the three consecutive World Cup each scored at least 4 goals more than the players! Even if the king of Bailey are difficult to hold a candle back Klose is also the World Cup history of the top scorer list of the top three no penalty penalty players, all goals for the sports warfare goals.

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