New Orleans Saints announced Monday

29. června 2017 v 3:46
Nick Fairley's 2017 season ended before the official start, and his career could be in danger.

New Orleans Saints announced Monday that they placed the defensive head in the non-rugby injury reserve list.

Felley had consulted a number of doctors to diagnose their own heart condition. He has been playing in the heart since he entered the league in 2011.

Earlier this month, saint coach Sean Payton announced that Fairley sought the advice of a third doctor to determine whether he should continue his career. Buy Madden 17 Coins The first doctor thought he should not continue to play, and the second doctor's opinion is slightly different.

The short-term impact of this decision was that the Saints Defense Group suffered a major blow. In this year's offseason they signed a four-year $ 28 million contract with Felley, who wanted Felley to take the town's defense center. The loss of Felley has weakened the saint's already weak defensive group.

In the long run, heart problems may endanger Felley's career. He was checked for heart problems when he was involved in draft picks in 2011. But he was still selected by Detroit Lions in the first round of the first round of the draft. In six seasons, he made a total of 170 times grappling 20.5 times grappling. Last season, Felice starred in all 16 games and made the best career season, made 43 times grappling 6.5 sack.
Felley will miss the entire 2017 season. Whether he will continue to play is still unknown.

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