Real Madrid again reached the semi finals

16. června 2017 v 3:54
Relying on excellent play extra-time, 4-2 defeat bayern Munich, real Madrid home qualification to the champions league semi-final, total score 6-3 galacticos set a new record: qualification to the champions league semi-final, seven years in a row broke the previous record of Barcelona Cheap FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade. Barcelona were in the 2007-08 to 2012-13 season, for six consecutive years in the champions league semi-finals, 2013-14 season in the last eight of the competition are eliminated by the atletico Madrid.
Qualification to the champions league semi-final real Madrid 7 years in a row the qualification to the champions league semi-finals for seven years
Starting from the 2010-11 season, led by jose mourinho's real Madrid, to remove the "champions league 16 lang" hat, but the semi-final defeat to Barcelona, the semi-final. The next two seasons, jose mourinho has reached the semi-final led real Madrid, but lost to bayern with Dortmund respectively, failed to go further.
2013-14 season, real Madrid under carlo ancelotti, scored in the champions league semi-final, the final two rounds a 5-0 defeat bayern, they also won the champions league in the season. 2014-15, real Madrid again reached the semi-finals, but eliminated by Juventus. Once again reached the semi-finals last season, real Madrid, two leg 1-0 win over Manchester city, final, also won the champions league last season.
First from the group to break this season, real Madrid, then 16 face napoli in the champions league, two round double rival, advanced to eight. Faced with the bundesliga giants bayern Munich, real Madrid in the first leg 2-1 away win, the second leg two team total score to within 3-3, finally real Madrid in overtime outbursts, three goals, the total score of 6-3 promotion champions league semi-final.
In addition, real Madrid have 55 consecutive games scoring, offensive firepower was terrible.

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