The best goalkeeper of the season

30. června 2017 v 4:03
NHL regular season award now announced Maple Leaf was the best newcomer

Vincent Award (Best Goalkeeper), Sergei - Bobrovsky, Columbus Blue

28-year-old Bob Bowski was named the best goalkeeper of the season and also created history: he was the only Russian in the history of more than once won the award (who won in 2013) Buy NHL 17 Coins. In the selection he defeated the Monterey Canadians of Kerry - Price and last year's Vincent Award winner, the Washington capital goalkeeper Brandon - Holtby.

This season, Boblovsky played 63 games, averaging 2.06 goals, the rate of 93.2% hit the league, the record also to 41 wins in the league second, while a record team record. This season, Boblovsky has seven finished opponents of the performance, second only to Holtby (9) and brown bear goalkeeper Tuca - Lasco (8) ranks third in the league. In addition, Bobrovsky from the end of November last year to early January this year won a wave of 14 straight, tied the goalkeeper history of the second longest winning record (brown bear Gilles - Gilbert had in the 1975-16 season Scored 17 straight).

Since his career, Bobby Rovsky has played for Philadelphia and Columbus Blue for seven seasons, with 330 games starting at 2.3 games and losing 2.45 goals, with a 92% recovery and a record of 181 win. Career 18 playoffs Bobrovsky averaged 3.63 goals, the fight rate of 88.7%.

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