The Cavaliers Big Three Owen James T Thompson

12. června 2017 v 3:59
In the finals G3, the final stage of the Cavaliers have overtake opportunity, this time James ball break after passing to Korver, it is a pity that the final Corvor failed to hit the ball. After this scene ah, a lot of fans in the discussion, on the one hand is to blame James, when James can be like Kobe Bryant as critical moment to come forward, take responsibility, rather than blindly passing? I feel that there is no reason for this accusation. James team consciousness, see the vacant teammates after the break, these things achievements of James, these things have been written into the James basketball gene, and this play itself is true.

In addition, this ball is not into the country, but also normal, no one can hit the second time, even for Kewoer such a shooter is also true

Of course, then come back, this scene is also people can not help thinking, this year the introduction of the Cavaliers Corvor is right or wrong? In fact, this thing I have just came to the Cavaliers when the Corps said, I do not think this is an effective signings, because the Cavaliers imaginary enemy who? Is the Warriors. So signings must be carried out against the Warriors.

We know the Cavaliers Big Three, Owen, Carrefour itself is a defensive loophole, James because of age, the defensive end is also very difficult to make a great contribution, T Thompson lack of ability to protect the basket, Deron young when the speed Full, old no more. Jefferson is good when the defense is good, but after all now 37 years old, can do too limited. Only two can get the shot, I am afraid that is JR and Shampoo, but the objective that they have never been a defensive gate, pull a large child, relying on a slight middle of the defensive level just in the knight The team acts as a defender.

We know that the Cavaliers attack, relying on the Big Three support will not be bad where to go, the key issue is to enhance the defense, in the face of the Warriors, because the single defense capacity of the serious enough to prevent the warrior fire full. Cavaliers should do is like the original Lakers introduced Artest as to the introduction of 3D players is the right way of thinking.

Of course, you may say how the top 3D will be replaced? Indeed it is expectation. But in the league which defensive ability, three-point shooting rate of about 35% of the players, but a lot of grasping, this quasi-3D effect is better than Korver. We know that when a player in the other team can cast 35 or so three-point shot, then came to James side, it is entirely possible to reach about 38%, which is outside the fort is enough.

And Korver it, is currently the Cavaliers line defensive efficiency of the worst players, had to play the Celtics G3, Celtics in the head of the car to get 20 + singles score, and this face On the warrior? Four giant fire full, the Cavaliers defensive end as the air in general.

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