The Celtics are like Kansas striker Josh Jackson

22. června 2017 v 3:26
This week, the Celtics and the Sixers have just completed a deal, the Celtics with this year's champion to sign to pick up the sign However, according to "Boston Sentinel" reported that the Celtics are considering continuing to trade down draft pick.

In the delivery of the signature at the same time, the Celtics get this year's pick up sign and a future election draft pick. Over the years, Danny - Anji has been accumulating future chips, the next three years, the Celtics have been holding nine first-round draft pick.

But in the next 24 hours, the Celtics are considering to trade down the draft again.

One of the factors that prompted the Celtics to continue trading down the pick NBA Live Mobile Coins was probably that Anji was not attracted to any player on the draft. Before they traded the champion sign, because they were not surprised by the performance of Mark - Fulz, Anji even said they are in the first round of the third overall pick of the players, but also they will choose in the first overall Player.

There are news that the Celtics are like Kansas striker Josh Jackson, but Jackson has so far not accepted the Celtics training.

At the same time, a competitor team executives to the "Boston Sentinel" revealed that Danny - Anji like guarding Dennis - Smith. If the Celtics trade in the hands of the probe, they are likely to choose Smith.

Another report said that Anji did not intend to use this draft pick the players, but want to use it as a bargain to catch big fish. In the recent rumors of trade, the Celtics showed interest in Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Paul George, and even Boer Jengis.

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