The Chilean team lost the ball

26. června 2017 v 3:41
June 26 morning, the Confederations Cup Group B game came to an end, the final team in Germany and Chile won the group first and second, in the semi-finals will be against Mexico and Portugal.

In the final round of the group stage, the German team 3-1 victory over Cameroon LOLGA, and Cameroon's Marco was still in the game was sent off. At the same time another group stage, the Chilean team lost the ball in the case of 1-1 draw with the Australian team.

With the end of the group stage, the Confederations Cup semi-final match is also released: Group A group of first Portuguese in the semi-finals will face the second group of Chile Chile, Group B group second German team Will face the Mexican team.

The semi-finals will be officially kicked off at 2:00 AM GMT on June 29th. The first match will be played against Portugal by Portugal and the match will be held in Kazan. While the other semi-final will be held in Beijing on June 30 at 2:00 am, the venue is located in Sochi.

And in Beijing on July 2 at 20:00, two semi-finalists will be in Moscow for three or four finals, competing for the tournament Cup third runner-up. And the final of the Confederations Cup will be in Beijing on July 3 at 2:00 start, the two semi-final winner will be the final championship trophy to attack.

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