The engine bug of FIFA GAME

28. června 2017 v 3:43
"FIFA 17" is a miracle game. Perhaps you have seen the football game because of the engine bug and the emergence of a variety of "strange line" players, but the following mentioned the game moment will definitely make you tangled.

Twitter member Mr MaskTV released this magical "FIFA 17" clip earlier today, and soon the amount of Twitter and the number of praise has been thousands, the reason is because this fragment is too "angry" The

In a strong volley, the football straight toward the door frame flew in the past, perhaps in reality it will play into the door or outside, but this time a miracle occurred, the football played in front of the white line (but not into the line Ball), and then along the white line has been rolling for ten seconds, the defender on a few waves of people are almost sent it into the line, but this "miracle of the ball" was eventually shot by the goalkeeper ... ...

After watching it is really distressed attack side, but to blame the game can only blame the physics of the fans.

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