The first draft of the salary cap era

13. června 2017 v 3:37
The first draft of the salary cap era, even the most experienced NHL general manager, is not sure what will happen in the next few weeks.

"You look unexpectedly," said Lou Lamoriello, general manager of Toronto Maple Leaf.

The most unpredictable and fascinating offseason for more than a decade has come. The expansion of the Las Vegas Golden Knight's draft next week by the decision of the New Jersey devil, the first choice in the admission decision to the free agent market, which is significantly dependent on the increase in salary cap - if any.

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Trade may be fast and intense, as George GM's George McPhee stores assets in exchange for consent to choose or not to select participants in the June 21 expansion. (Cheap NHL 17 Coins is provided for you at the reliable site ) The team must decide who wants to protect - seven forwards, three defender, a goalkeeper, eight skaters in any position and a goalkeeper - there should be some roster to play juggling before the union, the protection list must be submitted on Saturday afternoons.

Lamoriello said: "I expect some things to happen, and the expansion I've experienced." When there is a decision to do, you'd rather let them take the initiative instead of being passive, people will try to do things, no matter how much they have Defense, or there are too many strikers, there is a need, they can correct the surplus from other people.

Back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins have to make a quick decision before expanding the draft because they can not lose the 23-year-old Matt Murray, his 22-9 year-old title with 1.95 goals - an average and .928 percentage savings Signed a contract for more than three years. Fleury has no moving clause in his contract, so he must agree to give up the transaction or exposure in the draft.

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