The hometown heroes

27. června 2017 v 4:14
It's hard to find any unhappy man who signed the hometown heroes of the Auckland attackers Marshawn Lynch. Maybe Seahawks fans are upset, but others seem to have been drawn out for Marshawn and Team. Including in this group of people is the former Raiders coach Madden Mobile Coins and professional football hall celebrity John Madden. Madden talks with the attacker's social media team this week to let them know why he likes black and black beast patterns.

"One of the worst things about professional football is short code and goal line," Madden said. "The team can not get the first drop by running, they go down to the target line where they are placed in a row of shots, what is this? I think if Marshawn Lynch can take [Raiders] if he can be in the third The first place, and if he can get a touchdown on the line - that 's going to be a big thing for the Raiders.

Madden is right, even though the team's conversion rate is often higher, but the team than ever before will be shorter code number. (Although this may be related to the smaller chance size). And before that, Lynch may be the most famous because his former team did not give him a ball line on the Super Bowl 1 yards line, back over the day of his classic beast mode. So when discussing Raiders new round, this is a very interesting thing.

For Raiders, they finished third or fourth place in the third season, both in the third and fourth place, two or fewer of them, according to "football reference", so they could definitely be in the field Use some help.

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