There are many rumors about Molata

5. června 2017 v 4:24
Real Madrid against Juventus Champions League final, Mora tower 89 minutes before playing for the Cross, but he is still satisfied with the team's win LOLGA.INC, and he also expressed the desire to stay in Real Madrid.

Recently there are many rumors about Molata will transfer Serie A. But Mora said after the Champions League final: "Back to Italy? This is very difficult. I certainly do not go back. I want to stay in Real Madrid."

"I like Italy, but Madrid is my city, Real Madrid is my team and Juventus is my second team," Mora said.

There are a lot of news that Mora tower will join AC Milan, Mora Tata Although the expression of the will to stay in Real Madrid, but also pointed out that everything is not determined by his own. "It does not depend on me, but now I just want to celebrate our victory in the Champions League, which is a team, and if I'm just myself, I'm better off playing tennis."

For the future of the future, Mora Tuo care about him, said he now only consider the national team game, "we have a game in the Spanish national team, it will be a very good summer."

Moratta said that if he was not satisfied with the season because of the lack of time, it was selfish, "I can not be disappointed, we have just won the Champions League trophy, if I am not happy, it is selfish. , Back to Real Madrid, won the Champions League trophy is incredible.

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