Today there are two Parma Chupan

15. června 2017 v 3:47
Yesterday, the Chinese team away 2-2 draw with Syria, cut only the theoretical possibility, before the game optimistic about the Chinese team overheating, Handicap promoted to the customer to the hemisphere, but the water level on the plate high. The game process twists and turns, the stoppage of the stage so that the Chinese team to take all three points hope to become a bubble. In the 14 games have been kicked off, played a total of six draws, including four 1-1 and two 2-2; 14 games only 5 games on the plate, the other nine are under the board, including Japan away Was drawn up by Iraq, the United Arab Emirates away 1-1 Thailand and so on. (To View More About FIFA 18 Coins at the reliable site ) Britain and France war, the French home 3-2 victory over England, played the ball, on the plate, Kane scored twice, but the overall strength of France stronger.

Baja has finished six rounds, the current top of the list is Corinthian, the record is 5 wins and 1 level, followed by 5 wins and 1 loss of Gremio and 4 wins and 1 level 1 negative Coriteba. Defending champion Palmeiras 2 wins and 1 draw 3 negative 7 points, only ranked No. 13; last season ranked second and third Santos, flamenco, the first six rounds of the season record of 3 wins 3 negative and 1 wins and 4 draws and 1 losses, the latter draws more side.

The season has finished 60 games, the home team record is 38 wins, 11 draws and 11 losses, winning percentage is 63.3%, higher than last season's 53.3% and 52.6% of the previous season. The number of goals 3 goals and above the game is 21 games, 2 goals and the following games are 39 games, the majority of small ball.

Today there are two Parma Chupan is the hemisphere, respectively, Goyni VS Owa, Shapeco VS Gama. The last three encounters, Goiani home victory over the opponent, the psychological advantage is obvious. Although many companies this time down to half, but I think Goyni win hope is still not small. Shapeco VS Dagama a, the water level on the plate down, the two-game losing streak of the Gamma home against the insects Gama, it seems that there is no suspense of the outcome.

The other two US Open, to consider the home advantage. In the two US Openings this morning, Seattle's 2-1 win over Portland, where Williams scored a goal to help the visiting team tie the game; Colorado home 3-2 Lectra Oklahoma, The visiting team once the two goals lead, but in the end it is Fedora into the two goals.

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