Barcelona is chasing the path of Vilati's face

19. července 2017 v 3:52
Last summer, Pogba's battle became a hot spot in the transfer market, the final French star to record a record fee to join Manchester United. Later, in the interview, Braja expressed his admiration: "Nobody is worth so much money." Barcelona is out of the competition because of the economic factors. Some of the data is subversive, no one is worth so much money, When you are at a certain level, we are out of the normal standard of living LOLGA.INC. "At that time, Juventus has already said that it is necessary to come up with a high enough transfer fee to be released, so that the huge transfer is indeed a need Think about it. It is reported that Real Madrid has also considered the Borgar deal, the same price considerations because of giving up.

Pogba is not worth so much money? Since the transfer fee has been determined, the related issues have been discussed numerous times. But the transfer fee and the value has never been directly equate, and not many players can you think worth the price to buy the hands. In other words, how much is a player's transfer fee depends on how much the buyer is willing to do for him (of course the seller wants to accept it). Manchester United that Borgba is worth 100 million? No one knows this problem, but since the smashing of so much money, it means that the Red Devils are willing to dig out so much money for Berger, and that "get Berger" than "how much money to get Berger" to be more important. When Barcelona is chasing the path of Vilati's face, perhaps more aware of the "grab" a player is how important things.

In Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern "Big Three" between the midfielder on such a line: Barcelona to Tiago sold to Bayern, Bayern sold to the Real Madrid, then ... ... then no. Of course, no one knows Tiago if you stay in Barcelona will develop what looks like, Tiago and Cross's transfer which also have some different factors. But in this talent the most important era, the resources in the hands of the largest capital. Not to mention, then the Tiago and Cross are still young, there is a very considerable development space. Later, the development of the two also proved that they are more and more powerful, and their respective clubs renewed to 2021 and 2022 years. Last year there was Barcelona interested in buying Tiago's rumors, but with the Spanish midfielder and Bayern renewed, this road is actually blocked.

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