Brazil began to inject new players

8. července 2017 v 3:58
2002 World Cup, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Calories, Cafu and Rivaldo became the Brazilian core players. Brazil is a few did not show the inaccurate of the traditional teams, first in the finals to 2-0 out of Bailey, the quarter-finals to 2-1 out of England, the semi-final 1-0 victory over Turkey finals, the final Brazil To 2-0 victory over Germany, then Brazil has set a record five World Cup, is unprecedented. Ronaldo in the World Cup in the 8 goals, as the 2002 World Cup Golden Boot winner.

In 2006, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and Robinho on behalf of Brazil to race, but the Brazilian performance is not prominent in the quarter-finals to 0-1 defeat to France. 2010 World Cup, Brazil in the quarter-final by the Netherlands to 2-1 victory.

In recent years, Brazil is in a lean stage; plus already won the 2014 World Cup host, has been only friendly and sub-level international events (such as the 2012 London Olympics) to enhance the ranking, so that the 2010 World Cup after the world ranking has been declining. To December 2012, Brazil ranked 18th, becoming the lowest ranking of the national team. To June 2013, ranking down to 22 new low. But Brazil is already the 2014 World Cup host country, and did not participate in the qualifying tournament, so in 2012 to 2013 Brazil to participate in friendly match. According to the FIFA ranking scoring system, friendly matches accounted for lower than the qualifiers and cups, and therefore also caused the Brazilian ranking decline "illusion".

2012 London Olympic Games LOLGA, Brazil began to inject new players. 2013 Brazil in the Confederations Cup final 3-0 win over Spain won the championship, the performance of some players concern. In September 2013, the Brazilian rankings rose to eighth place.

2014 World Cup, Brazil once again hosted the World Cup. Brazil to young players as the main body, which Nei Maer, Oscar for the Brazilian attack core. But in the battle against Colombia, Nemal was opponents Colombian defender Juni Jia knees top to back, causing vertebral fractures, the doctor then said Nei Maer will not be able to continue the next game, and captain Tiago Silva was fined Suspension. Later in the semi-finals by Germany scored 7 goals, refresh the Brazilian national football team's biggest score record, this game is also known as "Minero's pain (Mineiraço)", a few days after the three or four finals And 0-3 lost to the Dutch team, once again in 1950 to host a number of ancient records, including 14 conceded.

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