NBA stadium has always been gathered

17. července 2017 v 3:08
Heroes cherish heroes, this sentence used in the sports circle and then appropriate. Lewis - Hamilton is no exception. Sunday (June 4), in the NBA Finals, Knight against the Warriors game, he and the Brazilian Nei Maer appeared in the scene. To say in their respective areas of visibility, Xiao Han and Nei Maer are absolutely top. This is a big friend on the sidelines is also a very good friend. In March this year, for the Brazil to complete the reversal of the Brazilian after the game chose to celebrate with the small Han. They have been the same time to watch the same experience. During the last year's America's Cup, they both went with Justin-Bieber to see Brazil's game against Ecuador and fought together for the scared Brazilian team.
That time, Nei Maer also sent a small Han Pakistan shirt. Today, the two appear together in the NBA Finals scene. Sits home of the Golden State Warriors to 132-113 victory over opponents, harvest two straight. And Nei Maer is the brave fans of the brains, last year he had personally watched the game LOLGA.INC in front of the game. This year, Hamilton also accompanied the friends together for the Warriors refueling. NBA stadium has always been gathered, not only the field, the field is also the case This is not the two of them met the NFL New York Giants star Odal - Beckham, three people at the scene after embracing, but also posed for pictures.
In the game, the Cavaliers LeBron - James not only took three pairs, but also staged a dunk play. Field side, Nei Maer was stunned by this scene, turned around and around the Hamilton could not talk about this "incredible" scenes. After the game, the two of them also came to the winning Warriors locker room, with the players to celebrate. And Durant also put on Nemal's jersey. Hamilton and Nemal also and the warrior star Raymond - Green together photo, the Brazilians also stood in the chair. NBA and Warriors official Twitter also reported the news of their match, the Warriors official Instagram account is also released after the game "Dream" Green and their photo, and wrote: "very pleased @ Nemal and @ Hamilton can come to the Warriors' battlefield.

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