Nei Maer want to pull down Messi

12. července 2017 v 5:51
In the last decade, Messi and Ronaldo is recognized as two big brother of football, they together monopoly of nearly ten years of all the Golden Globe. Although Messi and Ronaldo are always as stable as the past, but each year they will have another side by virtue of a period of time with the wonderful play, to participate in their competition, and today we come to inventory for these fleeting stars The Kaká is Messi and Ronaldo before the first in the world, in 07 to 10 years this time, he by virtue of the AC Milan as the king's play, as well as more immature Messier Ronaldo more mature skills, And Messi Ronaldo LOLGA formed a competition, but after the transfer of Real Madrid, Kaká's state plummeted, and gradually withdrew from the team. Harvey and Iniesta is Messi's best two helper around, have their help Messi is the most horrible killer of football. 2010, won the Golden Globe Award caused a great controversy, many people think that this award should be awarded to the same year than Messi also won a World Cup Harvey or Iniesta. Around 2011, Rooney in Manchester United ushered in the peak of his excellent competitive state and Manchester United increasingly solid historical position so that he participated in the competition between Messi and Ronaldo, but the competition is also very short, with the departure of Ferguson Rooney and Manchester United have a considerable decline in the state, Rooney also finally bid farewell to the team. The same time as the above-

In 2013, Bayern won the Triple Crown under the leadership of Franck Ribery, Franck Ribery has also become the year's Golden Globe Award for the most popular. But in the final selection, Ronaldo rely on more outstanding personal performance upset defeated the French, causing a lot of fans dissatisfaction. And after that, Franck Ribery did not play again with the two pull wrist performance. Nei Maer is recognized as the next one in the world, he has now gradually participated in the competition between the two big brother - of course, as Messi's deputy, Nei Maer want to pull down Messi, is not a It was a very easy thing to do, but had to admit that he had gradually narrowed the distance with Messi. In 2016, Gryzmann ushered in the outbreak of personal performance, he led the Atletico entered the Champions League final, led the French team into the European Cup final, his excellent performance so that he became the 2016 Golden Globe Award. But unfortunately, he lost in both finals with Ronaldo's opponent, and Ronaldo also by virtue of the two in the final beat Grizeman, crowned the year's Golden Globe Award. From Milan to Paris Saint-Germain and then to Manchester United, Ibrahimovic state is more and more demon, his state even catch up with the older Messi and Ronaldo, but unfortunately, after this serious injury, do not know Can still maintain the state. Atletico was the most horrible killer of football, he was also considered to be able to break the monopoly of Messi Ronaldo one of the candidates, but after leaving Atletico, the state of Falcao will plummet.

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