NHL employers in the next labor negotiations contract

21. července 2017 v 3:31
The rise and fall of the ice hockey game on the Canadian economy, the impact of large, from the NHL suspension is also evident.

In July 2012, NHL employers in the next labor negotiations contract (CBA), the players do pay cuts. Including the reduction of the player's share of the relevant income of the ice hockey; the maximum duration of the player contract in 4 years; cancel the signing of bonuses, and the unified set of annual contract wages; entry-level contract length from 3 years to 5 years Wait. These adjustments were opposed by the players union. As the two sides can not reach a consensus Cheap NHL 17 Coins, NHL employers announced on September 15, 2012 lockout (lockout), resulting in the 2012-2013 quarter of the game from the original 82 games reduced to 48 games.

In the process of shutting down, not only the fans for the loss of life in a big fun complained, many NHL ice hockey stadium around the shop owners also complain incessantly. Because there is no ice hockey game, restaurant, bar business greatly affected, the owner of the layoffs, the reduction, resulting in many waiter income decreased, had to find part-time. Ice hockeyers, cleaners are losing their jobs and economic sources, Vancouver's economy is hit hard. Vancouver City Council had intended to write to NHL and ice hockey staff unions, hoping to urge both sides to reach a contract as soon as possible to resume the event. January 6, 2013, 113 days of the Armistice NHL finally announced the settlement of labor disputes, which for the government, down to the stadium cleaner aunt, is good news.

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