Once the Celtics player Don Nelson

10. července 2017 v 3:20
NBA Star:

Once the Celtics player Don Nelson told the Boston correspondent, "the Union has two superstars, one will make themselves look above the level of the other players, the other will make their teammates around better , Russell LOLGA.INC belongs to the second.

Russell has been bringing a revolutionary concept to well-known basketball games, and even some are not being used as a measure of the time. The ability to slide into the weak side of the block is amazing. He crossed the cross or the big bird-like wingspan cover and intimidating the means of shooting is no one can and. The Celtics' other defensive players began to push their flag-of-care players into Russell's area, and became more confident about the distance defense, because they knew that Russell was behind himself.

The idea of ??opposing the shooter around the basket, which caused the damage to the shooting, made people start thinking about Russell's unforgettable performance. In addition, some other center in Russell after the start to establish their own defense system, although they may not have the same skills, but it really changed the style of the game.

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