Passarella is a great captain

20. července 2017 v 3:24
May 25, 1953, Daniel Alberto Passarella was born in the Chacabo district of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1973 in Salminto youth team began to play in 1974, joined the Argentine river bed, and where Spent most of her career. In 1982, Pasarella joined Serie A Florence, and later in Inter Milan for two years, in 1988 he fell back to the river bed, and in 1989 where the end of his career. Pasarella player career peak is the 1978 World Cup, 25-year-old he is the captain of Argentina, his dominance and influence inspired the whole team. Relying on Pasarella commander of the defense, Luke, Ardeles midfielder assault, of course, Ken Peisi one after another goal, Argentina won the World Cup in the local, Passarella won a nickname : "El Gran Capitan" (great captain).

The 1982 World Cup, Pasarella's Argentina played poorly, was lost in the second stage after losing to Brazil and Italy, and Pasarella made a direct free kick in the match against Italy, but still No competition, this contest is the last time to participate in the World Cup in Pasarella Cheap FIFA 18 Coins, in 1986, he was injured before the game, out of the Argentine team that later won the title.

In 1989, Pasarella retired in the river bed, after embarked on a coach post. After the 1994 World Cup, he took over the Argentine national team coach, known as the iron fist rule, asked the players to cut long hair, which led to Redonde out of the team. In the 1998 World Cup, Argentina into the top eight, after being eliminated by the Dutch team, Passarella resignation, after serving as Uruguay national team coach and other staff, in 2003, monton team won the Mexican league championship.

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