Portland trail blazers team

27. července 2017 v 3:53
The Portland trail blazers were founded in 1970, when Portland was the center of the great western development, so naming the team with "blazers" reflected the characteristics of that era. Trail blazers originally around the two players to build, respectively is a first-round pick from Princeton university, 6 '4 "striker Jeff petri, another is in the military draft from Baltimore bullets team scoring 6-10 leading rebounder leroy Ellis.

Portland trail blazers team NBA Live Mobile Coins is the first game in the history of the games on October 16, 1970 at the time with the new team in the NBA is the Cleveland cavaliers, the two new army battle to beat Portland 115-112 three points to an end. Defender Jim barnett made the first point in the blazers' history in the first quarter of 9 minutes and 18 seconds.

The blazers ended up only 29-53 in the 1970-71 season, but it was the best of the new army, but the blazers' success rate was 35.4 percent.

After the trail blazers had dramatically changed, the team of the new couple doubled in confidence and quickly moved into the role, performing strongly in the first half of the season. The long season also had a bad season, when the blazers fell to a 10-16 record in February and march. Lucky is at a critical time to play and spirit, and ended up with a wave of five straight season with pretty into the playoffs, 49-33 record during the regular season to achieve good, after all the way into the playoffs for the first time trail blazers would until the final throne, trail blazers and obtained marked by team basketball team's first NBA championship trophy.

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