The Cavaliers lineup will have two seats

6. července 2017 v 3:55
According to Cleveland media reports, veteran Richard Jefferson announced that he will fight a year, continue to help James next season. And with James for seven consecutive years into the finals of the Jones, it is possible to leave the team this summer.

Seven into the finals of the people from the Cavaliers Jefferson LOLGA.INC and then assisted Zhanhuang year

37-year-old Jefferson is in the personal social media announced that he will continue to fight the decision. Earlier, Jefferson had revealed that he would consider whether to retire in the summer. And after thinking, Jefferson felt that he was still able to play the NBA, he will continue to stay in the Cavaliers, and then help James hit the championship.

Last season, Jefferson played for the Cavaliers 79 games, most of them are served as a substitute, averaging 5.7 points and 2.6 rebounds. Jefferson is one of the most stable players on the Cleveland bench, and in the finals of the year, he was once even entrusted with the task of helping James to defend Durant's defense. Jefferson's annual salary for next season is $ 2.5 million.

Jefferson will stay in the team, and the Cavaliers another veteran James - Jones Cavaliers career probably want to terminate this. According to insiders, Jones will not return to the Cavaliers next season, the broker Bell also said that neither Jones himself or the team, did not discuss his return to the Cavaliers.

Jones over the past seven seasons are James teammates, played in the Heat for 4 years, then joined the Cavaliers played three seasons, he and James, are for seven consecutive years broke into the finals. James's relationship with Jones is very deep, and even think he is his favorite teammate.

"Everyone, where Jones is ready to play, he is also a great leader in the locker room." James said, "He is my favorite player. I told Jones, as long as I still play, He will always be by my side.I like him, he is the best teammate, my team will prepare for him a position.No my consent, he can not stop playing.

However, the source said, James has realized that Jones may not return to the Cavaliers team, and this does not bother to him. Indeed, Jones is now in the competitive state, he has been very difficult to give the Cavaliers title to provide any substantial help.

In this year's free market, the Cavaliers and 36-year-old Korver contract, and signed a 35-year-old Calderon, action is not big, either a renewal, or is a small reinforcement. It is reported that the Cavaliers are talking with the Turkish player Osman, hoping to be able to bring the 22-year-old teenager to Cleveland.

If Jones left the team, Osman signed, the Cavaliers lineup will have two seats, they will continue to look for title jigsaw puzzle players.

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