The Cavaliers won the victory

11. července 2017 v 3:15
In the Cavaliers home speed stadium, the Warriors to 105-97 victory over the Cavaliers, with a total score of 4-2 victory over rivals to become the 2014-15 season NBA championship.

This is the Warriors since 1975 to win again, after 39 seasons is the NBA's longest ever. At the same time, the Warriors also completed the league history of the first home team and NBDL subordinate team won the feat of the same year.

The total score of 2-3 behind the Cavaliers ushered in the back of the war, the two sides in the first half of the play a good shot, the Cavaliers in the first section behind 13 points in the case of the second quarter will be reduced to 2 points difference. The second half to become the Warriors time, they once again in the third quarter to play the advantage of winning 10 points in one fell swoop opened the score to win the victory, the Cavaliers have played counterattack and will be poor chase, but the performance of the first three sections of the library in the key Always hit two notes three points, plus Iguodala is still eye-catching play, the Warriors stabilize the situation and firmly control the double-digit leader, the Cavaliers at the last moment to rely on JR-Smith's three points LOLGA.INC will be divided Chase to 4 points, but time is not enough for them to complete the miracle. Eventually, away the Warriors to 105-97 victory over the Cavaliers won the victory to help them win the 2014-15 season NBA championship.

Cavaliers data: LeBron - James scored 32 points and 18 rebounds and nine assists, Timofi - Mozgov 17 points 12 rebounds and 4 blocks, Tristan - Thompson 15 points and 13 rebounds, JR- Smith 19 points and 5 rebounds, Iman - Schumpeter 8 points and 3 rebounds.

Warriors data: Stephen - Curry got 25 points and eight assists and six rebounds and three steals, Andre - Andre Iguodala 25 points and five assists and five rebounds, Drey Real - Green 16 points and 11 rebounds and 10 times Assists 3 steals three pairs of data, Festus - Ezel 10 points 4 rebounds, Clay - Thompson played poorly, the audience 7 vote only 2 contributed 5 points and 5 rebounds.

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