The launch of the Rocket League

26. července 2017 v 3:18
Psyonix's Rocket League developer Jeremy Dunham has an idea of how to fix these fractured bases: open a cross-platform multiplayer. "We are not trying to build six rockets championships," he said. "We are not waiting impatiently when Rocket League 2 and 3 and 4. are coming out. Rocket alloy is the game we will continue to upgrade. It is important that we continue to continue, uninterrupted generation, on multiple platforms without sacrificing anything."

Jeremy Dunham has made the analogy of "connective tissue": something is needed to maintain a sound basis for any game, and not only. Once the next round of consoles is out, the chances of not being able to play with friends that are used because they have not been upgraded to new hardware or have switched from Xbox to PlayStation Cheap Rocket League Crates could become a real problem. Especially when a game is essentially multiplayer and nothing else.

Sony is the only support to connect your PS4 players to people on other consoles. Dunham has stated that since the launch of the Rocket League, at least one person in his team has since been in touch with PlayStation "every single day". The multi-player cross-networking topic has come up several times, but the answer rarely changes.

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