Today's Hawks core guard Millsap

3. července 2017 v 4:10
As McGrady and Yao Ming have spent the Rockets, we have a lot of want to say to the Rockets, we have also hoped that the Rockets can be more and more strong in the NBA, in the playoffs on the road farther and farther. Today's second round of the Rockets at the end of the season when a lot of transactions. After the deal came to Paul after the composition of the backcourt, but with the Warriors a brother's renewal, the Rockets want to beat the Warriors need more reinforcement.

Paul came to the Rockets, we can see the current Rockets lineup and the Raptors are very similar, of course, Paul + Harden's combination in the offensive power above the Lorie + DeRozan combination. In the play above, the Rockets play now and the Warriors are similar. Rockets are now the biggest disadvantage is still inside, many people said Ibaka is a good choice for the Rockets, but we look at this year's Ibaka play, averaging 14.2 points and 6.8 rebounds, is not at the peak of the state. Now there are 1 people in the free market is very suitable for the Rockets, he averaged 24.3 points to get 9.8 rebounds.

He is today's Hawks core guard Millsap. He's the Hawks this year to stop the second game of the playoffs. Millsap is a rare short power forward, both confrontation and speed, developed a three-point range, high and low can singles, passing well. Now the Rockets play to three-pointers This season, Millsap's three-point shooting rate of 40%. On the defensive end, he has no advantage in height, but he has a good sense of defense. He can and Paul and Harden compatible, play a more diverse tactical cooperation. Millsap next season's salary reached 21.47 million US dollars. Rockets Anderson and some role players can trade.

With the Millsap after the Rockets inside there will be Zhou Qi, Millsap and Capella. There was a board, Harden and Paul on the outside. Next season and the Warriors between the winning percentage can reach 55 opened. Now the Rockets are also actively looking for reinforcement, Millsap came to the Rockets is a great possibility Oh. With Millsap, fans friends, do you think the Rockets can beat the Warriors next season? Welcome message comments Oh!

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