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4. července 2017 v 3:42
The scraps have fallen, the fans have celebrated, the NBA Finals is over. The Cavaliers have been crowned champion, now, what do you do next step? I'll give you a choice. Go to the Play Store and Register to download the new NBA LIVE Mobile application. The fast-paced NBA action in the palm of your hand will definitely make you ready for next season. NBA Live Mobile Coins NBA LIVE Mobile in the game with another called Madden NFL Mobile EA game is not far away. Although I will not explain all the contents in depth, but I will give you a brief introduction to how to start building your dynasty.
You have four game modes, including live, head to head, season and league. In order to play these patterns, you have to build a team. You will be given the player of the initial group of players. These players according to different skills automatically divided into different lines.When playing any game, you will choose the lineup to use unless otherwise stated. Some games require a certain lineup to provide a challenge. Once you buy a new player card, you will insert the corresponding lineup.
NBA LIVE has an interesting head to head. Each player controls a quarter. It means that if you start a match with your opponent, you can play against the AI ??team of the other teams in the first and third races. With this style of the game, there are fewer chances to lag behind a game, which makes it more enjoyable.

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