While NFL players strive for personal glory

18. července 2017 v 3:37
While NFL players strive for personal glory in the Madden Bowl, the general public has taken note of another event that takes place during the Super Bowl week: the EA Super Bowl simulation. Every year since 2004, EA has performed a Super Bowl simulation using the two teams that will play in the real game, using the latest version of the Madden franchise Buy Madden 17 Coins. The result of the game was corrected for all four years and even some of the scores were extremely similar. EA also releases a full summary of the game as if it were news from the Super Bowl. The superstition surrounding Madden does not stop there. A superstition surrounding the game that has a fairly negative story is that of Madden's curse.

From the first release of the game as John Madden Football until 1999, the cover of the game was the former coach and transmitter on the cover. But for the PAL version of 1999, EA used an image of NFL player Garrison Hearst. After making the cover, Hearst broke his ankle and lost the following two seasons. In 2000, EA expanded the concept and set Barry Sanders back on the North American version of the game. Sanders then retired suddenly, ending his career without taking a hit to break the record of recruiting a career of all time, an event that he could easily accomplish if he played. Dorsey Levens was in the PAL version of the same year, his team lost the playoffs and Levens was released the following year.

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