America men's professional Basketball league

2. srpna 2017 v 3:12
The NBA is short for the United States men's professional Basketball league, was established in June 6, 1946 in New York, consisting of 30 teams in North America men's professional Basketball league, one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States. Which created Wiltshire chamberlain, George mikan, Michael Jordan, hakim, hakeem olajuwon, shaquille o 'neal, kobe Bryant, lebron James, Clyde drexler, scottie pippen, kareem abdul toure - kareem abdul-jabbar, Dennis rodman, Tim Duncan, dwyane wade, Stephen curry, Allen iverson, Tracy McGrady, Kevin garnett, Kevin durant, Russell, brooke, James harden, Carey irving, yao Ming, such as stars, is the highest level basketball games in the world.

The NBA's 30 teams belong to two leagues: the eastern conference and the western conference, each of which consists of three divisions, each with five teams. At the start of the race every year in the NBA draft and will warm up before pre-season, followed by the regular season, starting from the end of October of every year,to mid-april the following year is over, and the Playoffs (the NBA Playoffs) in each year in late April, in the end decide the east-west division title promotion finals, seven innings four winners for when the season championship, in the finals of the best players get the finals MVP honors, generally is the highest scoring FMVP, most valuable player. In addition, there is the NBA all-star Game (All - star Game) as a performance of the nature of events, time, three days, the first day is a new challenge, the second day for the three points, dunk, skills contest and All items are champions, is the third day all-star race, voted by the fans of the east-west alliance players to participate.

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