Harden and Paul will fight for the first time

5. srpna 2017 v 3:25
According to the news reporter revealed in front of the NBA, rockets star James harden and Chris Paul will jointly led the summer league team LA unified team play, but the thunder star Russell, brooke is expected to lead the team drew league Town to play Favorites, the two teams will meet. This represents the first time harden and Paul will fight together, a memorable moment, and their opponent is Russell westbrook.

The drew league is a Los Angeles basketball league with a mix of amateur and professional players. It attracts a lot of stars every summer, so it has a lot of attention and popularity. In a previous play in the drew league, Paul watched harden's game, scoring 25 points and six rebounds in the game. This summer, many stars, including harden, are playing in the summer league. Including Nick Yang, Louis Williams, bobby brown, drummond, demar derozan, kaminski, zhu erich, rand, dost thou Randall also elected as the ninth week drew league MVP www.lolga.com.

At the drew league history, including kobe Bryant, lebron James, dwyane wade, Paul, George and Kevin durant, Russell, brooke line such as super giant that had taken part in the game. Harden and wiedon are two of the last season's MVP contenders, and the two have been vying for MVP this season. Although harden played a historical level of the season, and a single core lead squad weak rockets ranked third in the league, but helpless wei averaging three pairs and less in the season finale exert strong and harden is strategic for the playoffs were rested ultimately passed with MVP once again.

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