Is griffin the puppet of James

9. srpna 2017 v 3:14
Griffin was on ESPN today, and in the interview he mentioned lebron James. A lot of people think griffin is James's puppet, and James is the real control of the team, and griffin has denied it again. "Clear, James don't want to coach, don't want to be a general manager," griffin said. "he is a player who is struggling to win, full-time do a MVP player for him is a job, I think it (James control team behind the scenes) just outside the view, rather than a reality."

Before had many reports, James affected the team's signings, selection, griffin denied that James have final decision, he said this is not the case, but he also admitted that his consulting James often. "James is a scholar basketball, if you don't communicate with him when signings, this is the dereliction of duty," griffin said. "you have to do this, because he knows more than most of us, so from that point of view, he is a good partner."

In fact this is not the first time that griffin denied he was a puppet of James, he said: "sometimes I have to James Ming gravamen, he don't like the image, I don't think he wants that kind of image He wants to lead his own team, he wants to be a player, lead his teammates forward, he never try to overpower. I think it's not fair for him to be portrayed as a bully, and it's not James at all."

So does James' presence put more pressure on griffin? Griffin also said no. "We exist to win," he said. "when James is in your team, the outside world thinks you are actually in the finals. If you're good at what I do, you have to win. So it's really hard to win 29 teams every year. "James pressure of not more than the actual situation of pressure, he is not the pressure more than we want to achieve the preset facing pressure, he doesn't want to bring more pressure."

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