One version of rocket league is free game

17. srpna 2017 v 3:12
The game yesterday halted sales in China on Steam, as the company was granted the rights to the rocket league in China. While this is a normal business activity, it still has some players' dissatisfaction, and the regional players' poor reviews have flooded the store evaluation area of the rocket league. "In the face of the scene, the rockets official team obviously also sit still, hurriedly issued" the rocket league has to stop selling in China, but is still can continue to buy players "the Chinese/English bilingual version of the announcement.

Chinese players of the rocket league: starting on April 19, 2017, the rocket league will stop selling in Steam in China. We announced earlier today that the rocket league Buy Rocket League Items will be released by another distributor in the form of free games in China. Therefore, we don't want to give players the two different versions of the game, this will cause unnecessary confusion to new players, especially one version is free game, another version is paid games. However, all the players who have purchased the rocket league will be able to continue the game through the Steam platform, including the existing content that you have already purchased. On behalf of the Psyonix team and the rocket league community, we thank you for your support and love for rocket league in the past 21 months. Thank you very much! - Psyonix.

As for tencent agent how will the rocket league games after the development of, and it is too early to judge, of course, we also sincerely hope that can bring Chinese players WeGame fair, high quality and stable gaming experience. The WeGame platform will be launched in July, while the launch of the national version of the rocket league has not been determined.

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