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8. srpna 2017 v 3:24
What is NBA LIVE mobile community! It's your boy Cornell, once again for another Courtside edition. This past week was completely crazy with so much new content; New Legends, New Off Season Offsets and more! We've received more amazing videos from you NBA Live Mobile Coins. In addition, we have two new sections this week called "Game Player" where we called a couple of hot players to get to your formations and "Halftime" where we pass some quick tips to help you run your franchise. Last but not least, we sat with Andrew Hoffman for the Post-Game interview this week. All right, we can no longer talk - let's go to action.

Isiah Thomas has finally arrived at NBA LIVE Mobile! He is known for his battles with players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and others playing for the "Bad Boy" Pistons. OVR 89. Speed 90. Dribbling 91. Step 91.Tracy "T-Mac" McGrady is here too! It is known by its unforgettable moats and scoring capability. We all saw that he scored 13 points in 30 seconds against the Spurs, and we saw him posting Shawn Bradley too. OVR 90. Shooting 91. 3-pointer 82. Dribbling 87.

Off-Season Movers: As the offseason continues, we will continue to bring you up-to-date content kids that match the real NBA moves.

Jared Dudley: To the Suns OVR 74
DJ Augustine: To the Magic OVR 76
Jokaim Noah: To the Knicks OVR 79
Ryan Anderson: To the Rockets OVR 79
E'twaun Moore: To the Pelicans OVR 72

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