Rocket League launched in July 2015 on PC

23. srpna 2017 v 3:15
Perhaps the most important change is the speed - rocket league slower than the chariot. "The main change is how much you play," Davis said. "We've been playing the inside of the game a little bit different," the chariot "evolved online. It has become almost as good as a pool player and can get such a tough ball from anywhere on the court Rocket League Items, and they can score from the opposite corner. "We never reach that level of mastery, is almost accidentally, we play more team cooperation, we hope the rockets in the league: more emphasis on teamwork, also more convenient for all skill levels. One of the disadvantages of a combat car is that if you're not very good, if someone plays better than you, you may never touch the ball. That might have something to do with the rocket league, not to mention. "

It is easy to understand that this improvement took place during more than seven years of development, while Psyonix paid for its work. It turns out that this is a key factor in the rocket league's special polishing level, which is comparable to a great nintendo game. "Our experience with other AAA companies has enabled us to train our team to play golf," Hagewood said. "We work with Firaxis on XCOM, Epic on war machines, many other studios, and we see what their process and quality standards are. So when we started our own game again, we had tools, expertise and new standards to break the bar. "All this time, the team is still small. "I don't think we have more than 15 people before the launch," Hagewood said. "This is an absolute maximum, much less than that."

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