The Alex Hunter story

15. srpna 2017 v 3:29
One thing Madden's franchise still really lacks is the player's emotions. EA took baby steps when they adjusted the contract negotiations, so you can see the players don't like his contract, but go further. We need to see more emotional and player interaction. If a player gets a bench and they feel like they should be starting, let them be frustrated. If your franchisee marks a player, he thinks he should be awarded one of the highest-paid players of his position, threatening to miss the game and sticking to the deal. One thing that makes me play NBA 2K every year is my park and professional games. You work with a few friends to work together as a cohesive unit to counter with another team of users. Madden once had an online team cooperation model, but was deleted after Madden 25. Madden 18 Coins EA please bring back patterns.

At this point, it's just sad. In 2016, you have to have a career to have some stories. This is unforgivable. NBA 2K has dominated the game-based model for years, and the interesting stories are changing every year. Now, FIFA has combined the story based career model with Alex Hunter's story. Madden's career model doesn't have anything. You can be the instant starter for the first game. You don't have any interaction with the team, the opponents, the head coach, the boss. Unless you want to see your players score 99 and break all of the NFL records, there is no real incentive to play a career model. If madden's 18-year-old career model doesn't have a story or a new player career mode, they can do without it. Finally my Madden 18 wish list. Let me know what you think. Have I thought of anything on my wish list? What do you want to see add to Madden 18?

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