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14. srpna 2017 v 3:29
Steam announced the list of "Top 20" games in the list, which lists the total revenue in the top of the year, which is undoubtedly the last year The most popular game on. Steam does not list the specific income figures for each game, but divides them into the four levels of platinum, gold, silver and bronze. However, due to restrictions on the lock area, the country's players can not see the full list of pages. Platinum grade includes a total of 12 games, they are "Dota2", "CS: GO", "civilization 6", "quiet floating 2", "wizard 3: hunting", "radiation "GTA", "Rocket League", "the whole territory of the blockade", "Warhammer: a comprehensive war", "dark soul 3" and "no man deep space."

As the list is based on the game's total revenue as a calculation, so the game's sales is not the only indicator, ranking also with the game price, additional content and so on. Although the "wizard 3: mad hunting", "radiation 4", "GTA5" and so are not sold in the 2016 years of the game, but still by virtue of quality and word of mouth long-term hot. And in the last year only 10 months of the sale of "civilization 6", just by virtue of less than three months has become the year 2016 years one of the highest income game Cheap Rocket League Items. In this income list, the independent game also has a good performance. Which is located in the platinum level "Rocket League" is undoubtedly the last two years, one of the most successful independent game, the game development costs only $ 200 million, but the reputation and sales are very good. 2016 month, Psyonix studio announced that the game players have broken through the 2000 million.

11 months, Psyonix revealed that the game sold more than a million copies. Another independent game in the platinum level, "no one deep space" - although it is because the publicity and the quality of the game itself is too far and suffered a lot of bad comments, and access to Sony's support also let many people question it is not enough " independent". At the same time, the game itself 59.99 dollar price also helped it become a member of the platinum level, after all, this price is enough and a 3A game price comparable. In addition, some excellent independent games like "Ark: survival evolution", "Star Luyu Story" is also located in the gold level list. Steam's winter sale starts at the beginning of the morning, and ends at the end of the day. For the game lovers, this is the next round after the sale of a new chop hand hell. But the country's Spring Festival sale may also be opened soon after, so there is no chop hand can continue during the Spring Festival.

In addition, Steam also announced the platform of the first annual game award, the final award by the players from the nomination for the vote. Compared to other professional game awards, Steam's game award is more entertaining, even with some spoof, the name of the prize is also full of a variety of game stems. Steam Award Winner List: "The most need to hug the villain": "send door 2" "before the game fire I know the game": "European truck simulation 2"

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