The key to the deal is still on carmelo Anthony

16. srpna 2017 v 3:44
Cavaliers star point guard Carey - Owen finally open voice say want to go to the next homes of their own, others is no longer coming from Owen want to go to which which which (formerly the cavaliers before the general manager said Owen wants to go to the Boston celtics and the spurs). Owen's original intention for the Los Angeles clippers, Owen this idea must be considered as a result, the clippers go core point guard Chris Paul, he can go directly to the clippers took Paul's scepter, reinforcement, and the clippers squad this summer contract griffin, deals have gallinari, Beverly, LVMH, dekker rocket is also known as old, also signed milos theo dorsey, such as the magician talent in Europe. Owen has chosen the clippers a hundredfold, a thousand times better than the knicks, the heat and the SUNS, and can still make the playoffs and even get to the west

After Owen's news release to the clippers, the CBS sports have a trade expert, wood - peterson was on twitter showed the two clippers traded for Owen's deal, on the trading system of it, the knicks still is the third party team the deal, and carmelo Anthony is still one of trade bait, but the two are of great deal of difficulty, because Anthony only promises to give up for the rockets a veto. The first deal, the cavaliers pay: Carey Owen + Kevin love, get carmelo Anthony and deandre Jordan; The knicks sent Anthony to love; The clippers send out Jordan and get Owen. The key to the deal is still on carmelo Anthony, because his trade veto only willing to give up for the rockets, the other two teams are no obstacles, it depends on the knicks management ability.

The second deal, the deal the clippers and the cavaliers to pull on the third and the fourth party, third party team is still the knicks, and fourth party turned out to be the bulls team, the deal the cavaliers, arguably, the cavaliers sent: Owen, love, sweet potter, Tristan da cunha four people get Anthony Thompson and small Jordan, dwyane wade, three, the knicks send Anthony, Mr Quinn got love, sweet potter; The bull gave wade the Tristan Thompson and oquine. Clippers send small Jordan get Owen, this second transaction should earn most of the Chicago bulls, the bull has made it clear to training next season, wade's appearance will be the sixth people's identity, off dwyane wade got Tristan Thompson, such a talented young inside, Mr Quinn also is only 27 years old, the bulls made great.

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